2020 Kona Electric U.S Model Come With A Heat Pump?

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by ForceEdge, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. ForceEdge

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    So I’m looking to purchase a Kona electric. I was initially going to purchase the 2019 version but opted to Wait for the 2020 model because of the battery warmer which I feel is a nice thing to have in the winter.

    My only question is, will it also come with a heat pump to heat the car more efficiently?

    I know the Canadian version has one and I’m hoping it comes to the U.S but I haven’t heard ANY news on the 2020 electric.

    thanks for the insight guys!
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  2. Only thing mentioned so far is the battery warmer and larger infotainment screen, maybe you could import one from Canada:D
  3. ForceEdge

    ForceEdge New Member

    I mean, that is a possibility, but to be honest I’m not exactly sure how to do that lol. And how it would work with the tax rebates if I did that as well. Seems like a headache :confused:
  4. Hyundai should definitely make it accessible to present this as at least an option to US prospective buyers.
  5. SkookumPete

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    The car manufacturers don’t want anyone doing this so they deliberately create roadblocks. Even when importing my car on moving to the States, I was required to present a certificate that the vehicle complied with US standards. Toyota Canada would not provide this until I satisfied them that I was a bona fide migrant.
  6. Probably even tougher these days
  7. Marsbars1011

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    A few questions and observations about the heat pump on CA spec cars. Rather than import the Kona EV and deal with all the legalities and complexities I was curious to see if the heat pump was listed as an OEM part on CA spec cars. After a cursory search for CA Hyundai parts sellers I could not find such a part. BUT assuming it exists could a heat pump after being purchased as an OEM part be installed after market on the Kona or do things get too complex?

    I have read the pump is only a few hundred dollars but puts the car above a certain price point, thus not included. The other thing is I am wondering if the "battery warmer package" includes a heat pump and the 2020 Hyundai Press Release just does not get into the weeds about what the battery warmer includes although I understand they are not the same thing. The 2020 probably will show up at the L.A. Show in November or Detroit in January so we will know for sure if there is a 2020 on the show floor to inspect under the hood. Certainly New York in April.

    After reading an article about where one Kia Niro Test Drive in frigid Detroit lost no range beyond the actual mileage, I am absolutely convinced the heat pump that the Niro has is essential. UNLESS Kia uses a different heat pump like they use a different battery.
    Also and I know this is off topic but Alex on Autos showed in his test drive video that a space saver spare can easily be placed in the Kona EV by simply taking the storage trays out of there as the stamping on all Kona's is the same. Has anyone purchased an OEM space saver spare and done this?

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