2019 vs 2020 Ioniq

Discussion in 'Hyundai IONIQ Electric' started by SD_dad, Jun 21, 2019.

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  1. SD_dad

    SD_dad New Member

    Hello everyone....

    I'm in the market for an EV and keep coming back to the Ioniq mostly due to the price and efficiency. Having said that, I can't seem to find many in Southern CA. Most dealers have at most 3 on their lots versus the Chevy or Nissan dealers who are swimming in Leafs and Bolts. This leaves me in a tough position to negotiate they all know that there are not many cars to choose from.

    Should I wait until the 2020s come out and dealers have to start pushing the 2019s off their lot? If so, does anyone know when this would be? At this point, the offers I am getting are 1-2K below MSRP from the dealers which isn't bad but when it priced even with the Bolt (since they are doing a massive price cut) I'm lost as to which route to go.

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    BLAZETIGER New Member

    I'm in the same boat as you. Debating whether to wait for the 2020 or get a 2019 before then. Dealers are reluctant to negotiate too much. Thinking of waiting another month or so before deciding.

    Have you looked into Huntington Beach Hyundai? I believe they have the most Ioniqs in their inventory in So. Cal.
  4. SD_dad

    SD_dad New Member

    I actually talked to them today.

    I got what i think is a pretty good deal from another dealer on a limited (36K out the door) and will likely pull the trigger on Weds or Friday. I was only able to get the base model down to 31.5K out the door for the extra 4.5K it seems worth upgrading.

    My issue is with the credit given by the state and feds. For a variety of reasons I need to take possession before the end of the year. At this point no one knows when they going to show up in CA so we might be waiting longer than expected. Keep in mind that the 2019 Kona EVs are finally showing up in lots.

    BLAZETIGER New Member

    I was hoping the 2020s would show up around September, but I doubt I want to wait that long. Once you seal the deal if you wouldn't mind PMing me with what offer you negotiated and where you went. Also, just an overall on how your experience went.

    I'm actually looking into leasing in order to take the federal rebate up front. Also, I figure in 3 years there should be a bigger selection of EVs on the market.

    BLAZETIGER New Member

    I believe there's a wait list for the state rebate right now.
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  8. SD_dad

    SD_dad New Member

    Yeah.... I applied to the state for the rebate before the cut off knowing that I was likely going to buy.

    Overall the experience has been no different than any other car deal. They try to throw in add-ons and other BS that you need to keep saying no to. They try to get you into a bad loan. Just email all the dealers and send the best price back and forth a few times focusing on the out the door price. Costco pricing is a joke. The bolt is having crazy deals right now which I'm thinking is pulling down some of the prices on the Leaf and Ioniq. The main thing is that it is a long process and some dealers won't quote out the door pricing over the phone or email. You have to be prepared to spend a good week for a few hours a day talking to the dealers to get the best price. The fact that there are a limited number of Ioniqs in So cal actually made organizing the offers easier between dealers as there were less to keep track of.

    The issue of the 2019 vs 2020 is my main concern also not knowing what the MSRP is going to be. If it jumps 2-3K then the 2019 version might have been better. I'll PM you once I finalize the purchase.
  9. Feel free to share whatever details you like publicly here as well. People always appreciate as much buying info as they can get.

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