2019 Kia Niro EV pulls to left

Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by Paul Remer, Aug 4, 2019.

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  1. Paul Remer

    Paul Remer New Member

    Our new Niro EV pulls to the left noticeably when slowing via regen. This is particularly annoying when decelerating from freeway speeds using pure regen (no braking). Anyone else seen this? I assume this is some sort of reverse torque, since there's very slight pull to the right on acceleration, but not nearly as bad as the left pull.
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  3. I would bring it in to have it checked as you may have a bad brake caliper on the left side, or the "smart braking" may be off for some reason. I have not read any forums, or seen any videos about this issue. Sorry.
  4. Paul Remer

    Paul Remer New Member

    Thanks, Andre. I have pretty much ruled out the actual brakes - put it in neutral and braked hard, straight as an arrow. Use the regen paddle at high speed, pulls to the left.
  5. That does not sound great, but it could be something simple. Keep me posted, I am curious to know what the cause is.
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  6. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    I haven't of anyone else having this issue, but I'll see if I can get this in front of other Niro EV owners.

    I'd definitely consider taking to the dealer and see if they can figure it out. (If you do that, let us know what they say, please.)
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  8. TandM

    TandM Active Member

    Over 5000 miles and I have not had anything like this. I would definitely be aimed in for service.
  9. MartyDow

    MartyDow Active Member

    Over 2500 miles and never experienced anything remotely similar; suspect something amiss, and agree with others trip to service center is indicated...
  10. laughingwell

    laughingwell New Member

    1000 miles so far and have not seen it pull to the left while braking. I do notice the slight pull to the right when accelerating rapidly.
  11. SoBayLA

    SoBayLA New Member

    I am having this problem in my 2 week old Niro EX EV, leased in SoCal. I assumed it was an aggressive regen grip. Did you get any resolution?

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  13. mf989

    mf989 Member

    I had same issue immediately on test drive of new vehicle off dealer lot. This wasnt specifically on re-gen, but also seemed to on accelerating (cruising on freeway). Dealer agreed to re-align before I even signed the papers. They put it on alignment machine and said the toe was indeed out a little, and claimed they adjusted it. I feel like it improved a bit but not 100% sure it is pefect. its so close to center it could be that it is road crown/curvature causing some of the effects so I decides I could live with it.

    The pull to the right on hard acceleration is classic “torque steer” (google it). Its pretty bad on this vehicle, but I consider it part of the design and not a defect per se.
  14. MartyDow

    MartyDow Active Member

    I had an alignment done when I put on winter tires; it was off considerably. I doubt they checked the alignment when they prepped for delivery...
  15. mf989

    mf989 Member

    Certainly not, but why is alignment off coming from factory? That is highly unusual for most vehicles.
  16. laughingwell

    laughingwell New Member

    I had the dealer do an alignment at 3100 miles because it was pulling to the left. It’s been doing it since I bought the car but has become more noticeable over time. It’s good now.
    Note: It pulled left all the time, not just when braking.
  17. I don't have this issue in my UK ENiro(almost 5000 miles), but there is torque steer.
  18. Ryan Tom

    Ryan Tom New Member

    I just leased a 2019 Niro EV. It also pulls to the left via regen. Did you ever get it fixed? Curious to know and need to get mine fix if it’s not normal.
  19. It is definitely not normal. My 2019 Niro EV does not pull in regen when using the paddles. Have you talked to your dealership?
  20. CR EV

    CR EV Active Member

    Not a problem here....
  21. I would wager someone smacked a tire into a curb after it was shipped.
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  22. Ryan Tom

    Ryan Tom New Member

    Yes. They did and alignment and tire rotating to rule out the simple stuff. After picking up the car test drove and found car still pulling to the left when auto or manual regeneration is on. Vehicle not pulling when accelerating or breaking just when coasting only. When I turn off the regen while coasting the vehicle goes straight. I made another appoiment next week for them to take another look.
  23. Ryan Tom

    Ryan Tom New Member

    Did they ever find the Problem?

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