2019 Hyundai Kona - Charging Stops When Windy

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by James Ryan, Jan 9, 2021.

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  1. James Ryan

    James Ryan New Member

    Windy, cold (26 F) morning in NY today. Attempting to charge my 2019 Hyundai Kona on my home 240V 40 Amp JuiceBox charger. Normally works fine, however, today, charge starts then stops. I get a message indicating that charging has stopped because of a power outage, or connection issue. After it happen many times I concluded it was wind gust related. I suspect the electronics monitors battery cooling fan speed and if not as expected stops the charge. In which case the message is erroneous because it indicates an outboard rather than onboard issue. Looking to confirm with someone that has had a similar experience.

    <rant on>
    Called Hyundai. Extremely disappointing response! All they could tell me was that I tried to start charging the vehicle numerous times. Despite the fact that the blue link app sends me indications that charging has stopped, Hyundai cannot provide any details. In fact they don't know that it stopped and actually went on to claim that it is a dealership issue. And while it may become a dealership issue providing valuable details would prevent me from having to have a conversation with my dealership (that every time I call the service department asks when my last oil change was) on why I think it is vehicle onboard rather than outboard related.
    <rant off>
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  3. GeorgeS

    GeorgeS Active Member

    I have a JuiceBox 40. This has never happened to me. I just had a thought. The JuiceBox has the ability to communicate with the power company and not charge in high demand times as broadcast by them. Could the communications be turned on to charge on off peak with your power company? This might explain why it is shutting off. I would Juice Net app to see if the "electricity tariff" is set.
  4. In 26°F I can't imagine in a million years that your battery needs cooling under AC charging.
    I would believe however that the wind spinning the fan might cause some sort of "corner-case" software issue. Throw a blanket over the hood perhaps to test that.
  5. James Ryan

    James Ryan New Member

    GeogeS was exactly right. A JuiceBox algorithm communicates with an API (likely provided by NYISO for my utility) and determines that "green power" isn't available. When this occurs charging is stopped but fails to restart. The wind was pure coincidence. After investing too much time into this problem, purchasing my unit through my utility has some fine print that requires use of this algorithm. I've communicated extensively with EnelX. The feature appears to be broken because I'm charging on weekends when demand is known to be low and I've validated this against NYISO data. EnelX has disabled this feature on my unit while they investigate it. You can also override the feature by pressing "charge now".
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