2019 Chevy Bolt LT

Discussion in 'Bolt EV' started by racerx2005, Dec 9, 2018.

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  1. racerx2005

    racerx2005 Member

    Just ordered my 2019 Bolt LT, Nightfall Gray Metallic, with “Comfort and Convenience package”, “Driver Confidence package” and DC fast-charging. I’ll take delivery in NY on Saturday, 12/15.

    My 2015 Chevy Volt lease was up, so the next step would be full EV; I’ve considered the Nissan Leaf but the 151 mile range was just not enough for me and the rumored Nissan Leaf “e-plus” with 200+ plus is, ya know, still a rumor ... the Bolt deal was US$ 3,000 down with 350 monthly for 36 months (10K miles). Not bad if you ask me ...

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  3. racerx2005

    racerx2005 Member

    Here it is ... the regen paddle is great... drove 20 miles from the dealer without using the regular breaks! that’s nice IMG_7893.JPG

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  4. neal adkins

    neal adkins Active Member

    Whats up with the 10k mile thing. The average most people drive is 15k miles per year. The overage cost are quite high at lease end. I guess it depends on your needs though.
  5. larrenz

    larrenz Member

    Nice car! Congrats and enjoy driving it.
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  6. racerx2005

    racerx2005 Member

    this is a commute car, which I drove around 6,500 miles on the first year, so 10k miles is actually an exaggeration for me, ya know?

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  8. Thanks for chiming back in with the update.
    So, after having this time with it, what do you most like about it and what do you wish were different?

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