2019 Bolt fake Internet pricing?

Discussion in 'Bolt EV' started by Texconsin, Mar 2, 2020.

Is your new car dealer a crook?

  1. Yes, and I let him get away with it.

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  2. Yes, but I don't let him get away with it.

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  3. No, because he's a pastor on Sunday.

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  1. Texconsin

    Texconsin New Member

    This past weekend, according to kbb.com, Classic Chevrolet of Sugarland had two brand new 2019 Bolt LTs for less than $25,000 through March 2. The $1,875 credit is still available and I had a $1,000 bonus on my GM card, also through March 2. I was ready to jump in my 2018 Volt LT and pay the boot price in cash, but both were already "sold." I also received an email about the one I inquired and the email quoted it at over $39,000. Did I miss a great deal or was it smoke and mirrors? I bought the Volt new last March and made the (different) dealer guaranty the $29,016 price by email before I drove there to buy the car. But that didn't stop them adding on lojack, coupon book and some other $300 scam, before it took me also buying a $1,500 extended warranty, just to get out of the finance office. It took about 6 weeks, but I got a refund on all of those things. What is it with car dealers, anyway?
  2. GM has been running a fire sale on Bolts since the beginning of the year, renewing a month at a time. Seems like it's been pretty steady: $8500 off MSRP, or $5000 off + 0% financing. Depending on where and how they're posting prices, that could account for a big difference in what price you see (MSRP vs discounted price), and how quickly they move the tiny bit of inventory they get.
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  3. Texconsin

    Texconsin New Member

    Why do I think they "move" it to friends, family and employees?
  4. mdwill

    mdwill New Member

    Sorry to let you know that the prices are real. I picked up a Bolt Premier for 24k before tax and fees. I am also not a friend or family member of the dealership, first time I ever walked on the lot.
  5. EgonSpengler

    EgonSpengler New Member

    I was just looking at the website also. So the $8500 cash allowance isn't some voodoo that accounts for tax credits? If so I'm thinking I may aim for a Bolt instead of a Kona as I was planning. I'm actually going to get to spend 6 hours driving a bolt Tuesday for work so it will be an epic test drive.

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