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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by glockgirl, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. glockgirl

    glockgirl Member

    Just went to Honda website. They showing the new clarity for $3k more then 2018 model. That's the only difference I could see. Anybody else k ow of any improvements honda did?
  2. craze1cars

    craze1cars Well-Known Member

    I do not see such a price increase at all...I forget what exact MSRP for 2018s were, but they look about the same to me. Within a couple hundred bucks anyway. Nothing stands out. What country are you in, and are you looking at your home country website? I’m in US and sometimes I inadvertently find myself in a Canadian site, which messes with prices and my head until I figure it out.
  3. glockgirl

    glockgirl Member

    U right. I might have been looking at Canadian prices.
  4. JulianClarity

    JulianClarity Active Member

    The only difference I see is the gas mileage range, from 328 to 340?
  5. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    It was always 340.
  6. JulianClarity

    JulianClarity Active Member

    It is strange, for my last fill up, I got 245miles with 5.4 gallons of pure gas mileage, that converts to 45.3 mpg, but it still showed 331 miles after the fill up.

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  7. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    From the 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid brochure:


    I still wonder why the window sticker says 48 miles EV range.
  8. bill_m

    bill_m Member

    I don't think there is any significant difference between the 2018 and 2019, if any. The major upgrade seems to be coming in 2020. It appears that much of the delightful idiosyncratic styling will disappear, alas, and we will be back to naked rear wheels, for instance.
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  9. Agzand

    Agzand Active Member

    That is highly unlikely. Clarity is a low volume model on a bespoke (and expensive) platform and sales just starting to pick up. I don't think they will replace it anytime soon. There will be minor updates, like the infotainment system and suspension tweaks, but styling changes are probably years off.
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  10. bobcubsfan

    bobcubsfan Active Member

    Reasons why this will probably be my first and last Clarity:

    1. No front camera
    2. No overview camera
    3. No lane warning sound or lights
    4. ICE coming on when "it feels lit it."
  11. JulianClarity

    JulianClarity Active Member

    You werer fully awade of this when you bought it, why did you then?

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  12. dnb

    dnb Active Member

    Whats an overview camera?

    There are both with the Lane Keep Assist, or do you mean blind spot monitoring?

    Make sure you drive in Econ mode. If you gun it and go past the blue line on the speedometer you'll engage the gas engine.
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  13. bobcubsfan

    bobcubsfan Active Member

    Yes, blind spot monitoring. Overview camera like the Leaf has. The 4 cameras on the Leaf can show the vehicle from above as you are parallel parking. First, we did not BUY the car, we are leasing it. Why did we do it? Because at the time the new Leaf was n/a it the Clarity was the best alternative. I also don't like the fact that I got a service warning to change the oil with less than 1000 miles on the ICE.
  14. LAF

    LAF Active Member

    I agree those are weakness, but compared to the other amazing features (80% smooth extremely quite EV driving, 40mpg on highway in HV for a 4000lb full size car), for ~25k after rebates for a Touring model (the price of a standard Prius), there is no car of equal value.
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  15. bobcubsfan

    bobcubsfan Active Member

    No argument here. But for a $37K (US) car it is missing some features included on lesser cars.
  16. JulianClarity

    JulianClarity Active Member

    It is a $27k car, please.

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  17. bobcubsfan

    bobcubsfan Active Member

    Not the sticker price.
  18. petteyg359

    petteyg359 Active Member Subscriber

    I've driven a Volt. I'll take the "LaneMinder" camera over the silly yellow icons on the mirror any day. For one, the icon on the right mirror is way too far over in peripheral vision to notice while looking at the road in front of me. They also activate too late to be really useful. By the time the light comes on in 90% of cases, I can already see there's somebody there if I look. I would like to have a mirror camera on the left, though, instead of the silly split mirror. The difference in curvature of the mirrors is so minor I can't even tell the difference when a car is in view on both sides of the split. It just looks like the mirror is broken.
  19. bill_m

    bill_m Member

    I hope you are right! My very first car, over 50 years ago, was a 1962 Citroën sedan with great streamlining and innovative design. I loved thqt car, but it ruined me for all subsequent cars I had later. Until my present Clarity ☺️!
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  20. JulianClarity

    JulianClarity Active Member

    It might be illegal for them to put a camera on the left mirror, because you are supposed to look to the left when you make a left change.
    The blind spot is just a nice to have, even though it might not be blinking, you still have to do a shoulder check, that's for your own safety, I never skip a shoulder check.
    Sometimes you don't notice the upcoming vehicle on your left even with your careless shoulder check, that's where the value of blind spot lies. The Right lane camera is of course 1000 times better than an LED, the only thing I need to complain is the video quality at night. Terrible terrible, but it does its work, and I know it is there for my safety, not for an HD movie. I used to have an MB, the rear camera was 100 times better than my toyota and this car. I don't know how much the cost difference is, must be significant.

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