2018 e-Golf, 1 month in

Discussion in 'Volkswagen' started by Clearchus, Nov 19, 2018.

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  1. Clearchus

    Clearchus New Member

    I've put about 1300km on the car so far. Love it. Everybody I give rides to is pretty impressed by how smooth and quiet it drives.
    It's not a performance car by any means but but has plenty of power once it gets going.

    Only minor issues so far:
    • EPC light came on a couple times
    • Charger cable got stuck once on first day
    • Delayed charger settings went blank once. Then came back on restart.
    • There is slight delay when starting from standstill, maybe half a second, don't like that. Many people talk about the immediate throttle response of EVs. Not quite with this car. Not a big deal though.
    Small disappointment was when I got a flat tire. Car did not come with Jack or tire iron. Never heard of that. Was told to use roadside assistance. Bought what I needed instead.

    Weather is turning cold and snowy here in Canada, we'll see how it does!

    Seems like perfect city car so far.
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  3. kaps08

    kaps08 New Member

    I also had the EPC light come on a few times in our first month with the E-Golf, we were not pressing the break pad hard enough when starting the car and that is why it was happening apparently.
  4. NeilBlanchard

    NeilBlanchard Active Member

    Different EV's have the startup torque ramped at different rates, and many / most limit it right at a standstill. Tesla is one of the few that comes on full at a standstill.

    I too had a flat in the first week on our first e-Golf. It is a pain. But our Leaf didn't have a spare, or jack. Our Bolt EV doesn't have either. Most new cars (EV or ICE) don't have spares, and therefore they don't have a jack either.

    We are on our second e-Golf and we love them both. For us here in Massachusetts, the lack of a heated steering wheel, and heated rear seats, a light in the charging port - or having the charging port on the front of the car - are the main negatives.

    We love the coasting by default! We love the firm ride, and smooth handling. We love the direct heating windshield defroster (though it could be stronger).

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