2 Months in with the EV

Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by Axle, Jun 30, 2019.

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  1. Axle

    Axle New Member

    Before I talk about the car just a word of warning about my dealer Kia of Irvine, California. The purchase process was the absolute worst part of this whole experience. This was their first EV sale and we knew we were not in a position to strike a deal. We planned to pay cash, a big chunk of our savings coupled with money from the sale of our last car. But when face to face with the F&I dept they wanted $4000 over MSRP if we paid cash, but could save us $2000 if we took out a lease, then we could pay off the lease after the first month. Well, we did the lease (who wouldnt to save $6000?), but after receiving the payment plan and lease numbers about 3 weeks later we discovered some errors and inconsistencies in the documentation. A call to Kia finance had them scratching their heads as to how the mess was created. So we then get a call from the dealer owner who wanted to straighten things out and they agreed to completely cancel the original purchase contract and we negotiated a completely new contract with cash price which we paid. Now the big problem is raising it's ugly head, the original DMV registered owner gets the $7500 fed rebate and that would have originally been Kia finance who were the leasing company of the cancelled contract. We are still waiting to see if they corrected the registration document after the contract with them was cancelled, but I fear there is a battle looming.
    So that mess aside, we have around 1300 miles on the car now and it is my Wife's primary transport but I drive it whenever I can. This vehicle is our first venture into electric cars and is just so much fun to drive, it drives just like a normal car only with better manners. Our last car had a dual clutch transmission and it alone was the main reason for getting rid of it with it's jerky jerky awful character. The Niro EV is an absolute joy to drive, and it has not just average performance, it really rocks. Cant beleive the amount of thrust from this little thing. It's so much fun to experiment with the regen modes too and just lower the windows to listen to the space age sound inside parking lots etc. I love this car. We got the Premium model and the stereo is the best I have ever experienced in a car before. The lack of engine noise just adds to the audio clarity. Oh and our electric company has an EV super off peak rate of just 9c per kw/hr! How can you beat that with the price of gas going up daily? Anyway if anyone is on the fence about this vehicle, have no fear it's awesome. Just don't do business with Irvine Kia.
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  3. sosmerc

    sosmerc New Member

    Congratulations! And thanks for the report. So nice to finally see other manufacturers bring EV's to market that the average person can afford and enjoy.

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