160,000 reservations and counting

Discussion in 'F-150 Lightning' started by Texas Niro EV, Jun 9, 2021.

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  1. Texas Niro EV

    Texas Niro EV Member

    There is another forum I just joined specifically for Ford F150s. There is a sub-forum for the F150 Lightning where people list their reservation numbers. The oldest numbers listed are in the 10,813,000 range and the newest are in 10,974,000 which are over a week old.

    Assuming that every number represents a reservation then there are currently at least 160,000 reservations. However exciting these numbers are they represent some real challenges for Ford and Ford F150 Lightning customers. Ford only sells about 900,000 F150 a year so even 160,000 new units represents almost a 20% increase in yearly production.

    How many F150 Lightnings can Ford produce in a year? Tesla received 400,000 reservations of the Model 3 but it took several years for Tesla to fulfill all those reservations. Will 2022 be as monumental for Ford with the F150 Lightning as 1965 was when the Mustang debut and 400,000 units were sold?

    About 140,000 reservations were submitted before I submitted my reservation. I will be really surprised if my order gets filled in 2022 but I hope I don't have to wait longer than 2023. But if anyone can build cars in those numbers surely Ford can.

    How many F150 Lightnings do you think Ford can produce in a year and how long do you think it will take for Ford to fulfill all these early reservations?
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  3. I'm not sure how those reservation #'s are catalogued or what they actually represent but I doubt it's a count from 0 up for each successive reservation. I reserved mine about 3 seconds after the reveal and it's 10813663.

    Some of the number could indicate a geographical representation?

    Time wise it takes Ford 20 hours to build 1 complete truck (one rolls off the assembly line every 53 secs). That's the traditional ICE powered model, considering how much less complicated (component wise) this one is, I'd guess about 10-12 hrs each.
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  4. An estimate here predicts Ford may be able to manufacture EVs at a rate of 10,000 /month in 2021 and 15,000 /month in 2022, that including the Mach-E and up coming E-Transit . Of course it all hinges on battery supply, 16 GWh worth per year based @ 100,000 units:
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  5. Texas Niro EV

    Texas Niro EV Member

    I don't think the numbers indicate a geographical representation. In the list I have access to the numbers are sequential based on dates. Since we don't know how many assembly lines or how many shifts will be devoted to the F150 Lightning I think it's best to try to stick with the units per month metric.
  6. Good info, I was thinking the only time restriction might be the battery, as most everything else is your typical F 150, body panels, frame and such.
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  8. I said some of the number might be, it was a guess followed by a question mark.

    Where is this list you have access to? I'd like to look at it if you don't mind.
  9. Not every reservation is an increase of production. Some who would have bought an ICE or hybrid version will now go for the lightning. I am replacing my F250 4x4 with the lightning.
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  10. I'm replacing my F150 as well. I was actually shopping for a new Raptor when they made the announcement about the Lightning.
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  11. Texas Niro EV

    Texas Niro EV Member

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