10k and notice miles degrading charge

Discussion in 'ID.4' started by midsail, Nov 7, 2021.

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  1. CA e-tron owner

    CA e-tron owner New Member

    <Answer to...Greetings all, We have notice a degrading of miles when charging lately. My daughter drives 170 miles round trip (4 days a week) traveling between the university n home. Until lately when charging to 80%. We we're getting 200 miles per charge to 80%. Lately when charging to 80%, we are getting between 175 n 178 miles. That's a difference between 22 n 25 miles less. We recently complete a 100% charge which gave us 225 miles. When we first get the ID a 100% gave us 260 miles. Has anyone been experiencing this type of behavior?>

    There are several EV charging studies online now, many posted on LinkedIn, stating that while Lithium Ion battery packs do not have "memory" capacity loss issues like NiCad batteries, they do "learn" how they are used, adjusting what they make available to the EV based on driving and charging activities. We discovered that it is best to occasionally draw the battery pack down to a low level (10-15% State of Charge for example), then recharge to 100%.
    Here is the link for the latest article on this charging technique: https://lnkd.in/gTTp2HYK

    I hope this helps your range problem.
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  3. Oceans2

    Oceans2 New Member

    With my 2014 RAV4, if we disconnected the motor battery, it would reset and clear the memory and then would show a “normal” charge range on the next charge.
  4. midsail

    midsail New Member

    Greetings ALL
    I check my driving mode and it was set to Eco mode. However we have notice a slight increase after charging the ID 4 to 100%. Letting the charge drop to the 20% mark and charging the ID 4 to 80%. We did gain an additional 10 miles of charge to 186 miles. I will read CA e-tron owner article about drain the battery level. Please continue to provide feedback has some if not all has been a helpful and learning experience, again thank you all.
  5. midsail

    midsail New Member

    Greetings all
    Glad to say CA e-tron owner post is working so far. The battery seems to be recalibrating/resetting itself slowly. The milage increase is slowly increasing. I will setting up a battery maintenace schedule for every 2 to 3 months.
  6. I had a lot of this with the Kona for a while. It depended on weather, load and more importantly, whether I was doing highway or city driving.
    In the end, it was best to ignore the GoM and just monitor the average kWh/100km against the "known" capacity of the battery.
    I just do some quick maths to estimate range (assuming that 100% SoC is 64kWh). eg. I average 16kWh/100km on the highway so I expect 10% to be close to 40km.
    By and large, that ends up being more reliable than the GoM.
    Of course, with the battery fire business, Hyundai also messed with Displayed SoC vs BMS SoC (there's a 2.5 points gap on the OBD2 reader at 100% Displayed SoC).
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  8. Rob N

    Rob N New Member

    I drive an ID4 and I do notice I get different charge levels depending on how I drive. If I drive fast on a freeway I get less charge. If I drive in town and use the B mode I get more mileage at a charge. I've noticed this with other electric vehicles as well. Is your daughter driving quite fast on the freeway? That will reduce the total charge amount...
  9. midsail

    midsail New Member

    Greetings All n Happy Thanksgiving.
    Thank u Rob N for the feedback. We will try your advise. Although our ID 4 battery is still slowly increase the miles per charge.

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