100-200K free miles makes SAEVs the best EVs there are

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, May 25, 2018.

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    New Solar Assisted Electric Vehicles include the Light Year or the about to be released Sion by Sono motors. There are others.

    The Sion is the first truly practical very SAEV that should highly desirable to the mass market. Consider it has a range of 150 miles on a charge and will recoup the average American commute daily if just left in the sun. It will give you roughly 10K free miles per year. It can pull a trailer of 750kg and seats five and in my opinion looks really good. Comes is both black and white. It looks a bit like a tall Honda CRX. I am partial to Honda. Its specs are very far off it would seem from what Honda is considering launching in the BEV Fit next year. It is completely covered in solar cells and scratch proof poly carbonate. Cost is pretty good too. I think its about 18,000 USD. That may not include the battery, may be a lease deal on that. You could do worse for that component but I like it as it may be a modular design which allows improvement. For comparison on the potential think Tesla is well under $100 a kwh now, possibly well under it. I know Tesla considered this tech for the model 3. Light Year wants to go way beyond this efficiency and rate of pay back. I the motor in the Sion were rated for a million like the Teslas and you had the time in theory you could squeeze out 750k miles or so from it.

    But now I want to point out what is my favorite feature of this. With this system it is very hard for the petrol fuel/energy industry to try to game or tamper with most of the hours that will be driven. It locks them out which is incredibly vital because the most important justice equity goal since WWII and the handling of the Third Reich is to put them out of business and then begin to or simultaneously prosecute them criminally with a civil estate retributive re distributive element, as they have put humanity at extreme risk and for the worst possible motives and through the worst possible means.
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