“Drive Info” mi/kWh ...does it factor in total draw?

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by TheLight75, Nov 12, 2019.

  1. TheLight75

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    With the cold season settling in and me looking to make a winter trip to Montreal for NYE, I am wondering if the average mi/kWh on the “Drive Info” stats takes into account the total draw on the battery including the cabin heater? I’m hoping it does!
  2. Yes it does.
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  3. Yes. Those stats reflect actual usage. The GOM however does not necessarily reflect those factors.
  4. I find the drive info to be useful as it basically omits consumption info from previous drives . A "reality check"
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  5. Yes, it does. If you turn on the heater your projects GOM mileage will drop immediately. What the GOM had a hard time with is your changing driving style/environment like hwy or city driving.

    @electriceddy that is true. I like to check once in a while what the actual consumption is and if it matches roughly with projections.

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  6. Of course, you're right. My point is that the GOM read from Bluelink or upon start-up doesn't reflect "the future" while the driving stats do accurately reflect the past and present, if you catch my drift.
  7. BlueKonaEV

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    The GoM will reflect the reduced range due to heater or AC use only when they are turned on. If you turn on the car and the heater or AC is off, it will show you greater range. The moment you turn on the heater or AC, the GoM will reduce your range instantly.
  8. Cain

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    Also, while It is a little pessimistic (which is a good thing) it does seem to take into account the difference between outside temp and what you set the cabin temp at. So if it's 15C outside and you set the cabin to 22 it won't result in much range reduction as compared to when it's -5.

    I can confirm from experience that city vs country driving throws it out. As does significant altitude differences.
  9. mikeselectricstuff

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    Although the GOM changes when you turn on heat or AC, the relatively small difference suggests to me that it's making some assumptions about how long it's used for, i.e. that at least it will be cycling on/off to maintain the set temperature, rather than being fully on all the time
    There is a screen deep in the EV/Battery menu that shows realtime draw from the heat & aircon

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