Which home charger will you choose for your new Kona or Niro

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    I’m not sure a 14-50 backed by a 30 amp breaker is code-compliant as an average person seeing a 14-50 outlet will assume it’s capable of 50A. You may want to consider changing out the breaker to 50A assuming you’ve 6/3 wire on that run.

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    My own experience shows better charging with a longer run than a shorter run (which is odd). I have a 60-foot run to my EVSE at my house yet I get 7.6kW consistently when charging. At my girlfriend’s house, the EVSE is 8 feet from the panel and I only get 7.2kW (using an EVSE that gets 7.6 at my house).

    The only difference I can tell is that her voltage is high @ 249V compared to 242V at my house.

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    I've been happily using a ZenCar 32A charger at the house, but need to get something better than the 110V Hyundai charger for the office.
    Unfortunately there is no way to do a formal install any time soon at my office, but I do have access to a twist lock 50A connector for 208V, 3 phase. The feed at our building is a bit on the high side, so the 208V is usually closer to 215-220V. Which will be great for charging!
    Now, that connector is inside the building, and there is a hole to the outside wall, big enough for a good size 110V connector, but no way I can fit a J1772 connector through that hole. Opening it up is not going to happen, and permanently mounting a Juicebox or something like that isn't going to happen either....

    So I'm looking for either an EVSE with disconnectable J1772, and the box can remain inside (but I've never seen any like that). Or a waterproof (IP66/67) EVSE with a small-ish connector for AC that could fit through the hole. Unfortunately the Mustart travel charger isn't IP66/67 rated, but with the disconnect wire for the AC pigtails, that would be perfect ...

    I did find a 16A 240V charger from Max Green that would be perfect, if it wasn't for the 16A.. I'd love to be able to charge at "full speed" 32A.. https://www.amazon.com/MAX-GREEN-Outdoor-Use-Electric-Compatible/dp/B07J4VCYKL/

    Anyone have any ideas?
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    So I have pretty much completed my setup for my Level 2 charger. I live in Richmmond (Steveston), BC Box type of home with a 100amps Power Panel. To top it off my house was built when Aluminium was commonly used so all my original wiring is. As I started Reno's I got rid of Aluminium whenever possible and ran copper. While for my copper plumbing I replaced with PEX but I digress.

    Purchased a MOREC Level 2 Portable Charger 32amps(7.68kWh) with 28foot cord with NEMA 14-50.....I found out this was still too short so I purchased a 20ft Extension Besenergy 40amps J1772. That was enough to get me going from house to car

    As for the wiring for my house I decided to run a 6/3 wire hooked up to a 50amps bolt-on double pole breaker. It leads to a Talon 50amps Enclosed Outdoor rated receptacle.

    Currently during the day I get an average of 7.15kWh Per 1hour charge. While when I charge at night I achieve 7.52kWh Per 1hour charge. I am happy with the charger itself however I should have listened to someone on this forum and purchased one that's 40amps right away....

    BC Hydro rates are $0.0945kWh for first 1375kWh then rates go to $0.1417kWh for anything over 1376kWh.

    When NOT In Use I simply remove my portable charger and turn the Breaker OFF so no one can "tap" into it.

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    I went with the Juicebox Pro 40, which is overkill, but I digress.

    The electrician wired the L14-50 outlet while I was out of town, so he couldn't test it, but on the surface it seemed like it worked to him. This morning when I got back, I turned the breaker back on, paired it up to the WiFi, and then plugged in for a desperately needed charge. I got 1.4kW, and it said it was only seeing 120V. Sigh.

    I fiddled a bit - I have a voltmeter, and discovered that the electrician had interchanged 2 wires in the outlet (neutral and one of the hot wires). So the Juicebox was only seeing 120V across the 2 hot connections, and apparently it functions (at least to a degree) in this mode. I turned off the breaker, swapped the 2 wires, rechecked with the voltmeter, and then tried charging again, and I was in business at 7.5kW. Already up over 50% - it should be done charging later this evening.

    Those #6 wires are really damned thick.
  6. The Kona chargers Max is 7.5kW anyways, so why spend a lot more money if you get the same out of your Morec charger? Unless you want to be future proof, of course.

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    BINGO Exactly that reason. Future proof myself into having a better charger for next few years. Once my wife's 06 Civic is gone we will be looking at a 2nd EV.
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