Things I LOVE or Just noticed about my Kona EV

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Robrian7, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. Robrian7

    Robrian7 New Member

    I'm still in the honeymoon phase of owning my Kona EV, but already I'm in love. Here's some of the things I love about driving a Kona EV...
    - I love that the rear passenger windows and back window are tinted...a smokey color.
    - I love the sunroof, which allows the cabin to appear bright and cheerful (even on cloudy days!)
    - I love the fact that when I put my car in reverse, the audio system becomes noticeable more quiet, so I can concentrate on driving safely.
    - I love the heads-up display (HUD). The information presented on the projection screen is easy-to-read and not a distraction. I use it all the time.
    - On these hot summer days, I love the ventilated seats (on the ultimate trim level). It's refreshing and does not use too much energy.
    - I love driving an EVehicle. It's smooth, silent (minus the VESS sound when driving below a certain speed), and handles well on the road. Oh, and no emissions!
    - I love the fact that when I am using Apple Car Play I can say commands using the voice control on the steering wheel. For instance, if I'm listening to my favorite podcast (i.e., Science Friday, Lore, or Living on Earth), I can press the voice command button on the steering wheel and say something like, "Rewind" or "Start from the beginning". Silly, I know, but it helps keep my eyes on the road.

    What about you? What do you love or noticing about your Kona EV?
  2. BlueKonaEV

    BlueKonaEV Well-Known Member

    The ride quality in general is excellent.. I love Android Auto so I can run WAZE on the Kona. What I generally like about Hyundai cars is that it does not take any time to get used to it.. Everything is where you expect it to be. The user interface is easy to use and reacts fast. The gauges have all the relevant information.
    However, what I like best is regenerative braking.. I always use Level 3 regeneration and once you get used to it, it's awesome.. I bet that my break pads are going to last 500k miles or more. The seats are comfortable. Love the extra storage below the transmission selector console. The only thing that's a little weird is the organization of the transmission buttons but you get used to it.
  3. JSU

    JSU New Member

    I also love the fact that when I get on the road, it feels like I'm the only one with a Kona electric since I've only seen two others face to face since April 2019 in the Boston area. In contrast with the Tesla Model 3, I see at least three of those a day on my 24 mile commute. I think it's cool to have a rare car!
  4. BlueKonaEV

    BlueKonaEV Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure that I have the only Kona Electric in the Tampa Bay area..

    EVRIGREEN New Member

    I have the ceramic blue sel, which means I have the contrast roof and side mirrors. Absolutely love the look of this car!
    I don’t like sunroofs (feel too exposed), so glad i don’t have that.
    Love the sound of the VESS, the pickup, the regen, not going to gas stations.
    I haven’t seen another on the road in Rhode Island, but I’m sure there are a couple out there..
    One reality check.. husbands flight was canceled and he was considering flying into Hartford and having me pick him up....didn’t have nearly enough charge for that round trip so I would have been in search of a fast charge at 10 pm. Not a great feeling, to be honest...
  6. Why “look around” check out plug share and find one near the airport. Drive to it before or after he arrives and park for 20-30 min for a top up. No need to stress or wander around the public network is robustly detailed.

    EVRIGREEN New Member

    I didn't mean aimlessly drive around looking for one. I meant on my app. ;)
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  8. electriceddy

    electriceddy Well-Known Member

    More likable stuff here:
  9. Wildeyed

    Wildeyed Well-Known Member

    I just saw my first (other) one today! So I now know that there are at least 2 between Toronto and Ottawa. Hen's teeth. This area is lousy with Tesla's, Leafs and Bolts.
  10. Stickyman

    Stickyman New Member

    I like how when you make a phone call it lowers the fan speed of the AC when it is on Auto
  11. My wife gave me a hard time about spending so much on a "non-luxury" car. Now that she's driven it several times, she prefers it over her car! She was actually driving right behind another Kona EV yesterday - I've yet to see another around here (London, ON), but clearly at least ONE exists! My only pet peeve, after having a vehicle with a powered tailgate, that really should have been included on this car, at the very least with the ultimate.
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  12. Vanryan

    Vanryan Member

    I have a powered lift gate on my other vehicle and I have to say I dislike them for some reason. I prefer the manual Kona lift gate (one less thing to break as well!)
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  13. XtsKonaTrooper

    XtsKonaTrooper Active Member

    I have a white one and live west of London.
    We often pass thru London, could have been me.
  14. Ours is white too. It wasn't you though - this one was either lake silver or ceramic blue. She was in east London area at the time. So, there are at least 3 of us!
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  15. XtsKonaTrooper

    XtsKonaTrooper Active Member

    When i was looking around for mine. London dealer, only had one and it was a galatic grey,,,,prolly that one, hehehe
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  16. That sounds right. That probably would have been our preferred colour, but only one white one was in stock when we were looking and I didn't want to wait around for months to order one. Now that I have it I like the white - it contrasts nicely with the dark accents on the car.
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  17. electriceddy

    electriceddy Well-Known Member

    Originally I pre-ordered white ext/ blk int, but I changed my mind 3 weeks later and it cost me xtra waiting time, I know the feeling!
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  18. BlueKonaEV

    BlueKonaEV Well-Known Member

    Galactic Gray is very pretty.. I particulary like it with the white roof.. I almost changed my mind to go with Galactic Gray instead of Ceramic blue as the dealership where I bought mine had both in stock.
  19. SkookumPete

    SkookumPete Well-Known Member

    I'd love to see a colour-correct pic of the galactic gray. Mine is supposedly lake silver but to me it's more like battleship gray.
  20. BlueKonaEV

    BlueKonaEV Well-Known Member

    I haven't seen one that would accurately reflect the color.. the only pic I have is from the dealer's website and the color does not appear as nice in the pic as it appears in person.. 20190714_013414.jpg

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