Tesla should reject outright both the airline and cellphone business models

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by 101101, Nov 8, 2019.

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    Tesla should provide the machines,the electrons and the data as a true first principles approach. An exception is home roof top solar where they empower citizens while saving money by permanently cutting the cords of unnecessary malicious rent seekers.

    Tesla may not sell vehicles to end users for much longer but it should be very careful to reject the airline cell carrier model outright. There should be absolutely no middlemen between it and its end user customer/consumers. It should reject the cell phone model that wrongly and unnecessarily relies on carriers (society should have went to a mesh model that got rid of that stupid rent seeking long ago as Steve Jobs threatened some time ago) it should be providing its own self funded insurance and funding its own cars and own internet- this allows Tesla to optimize without limit and helps with keep its VAT exposure in line.

    So lets say it again. If Tesla provides he green electrons and provides he storage and batteries down to the lithium mines and provides the machines and the data and does this with AI and fully automated factories and self piloting end user services it can and really must avoid the Apple's inferior model where it rely on Samsung for critical pieces and rely on the unnecessary carriers or he Aircraft makers that rely on the equivalent of dealers
    in airlines. Tesla can even get beyond spectrum commons issues by using mesh and direct line of site optical and white noise signal carriers. I also think Tesla can provided sponsored access to search (killer application) and un-sponsored free of spyware voluntary access to content totally free of push and privacy protected- just do things the right way and win.

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