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    If anyone is wondering what their car is worth...
    We got a Tesla 3 in June. I finally posted our 2015 Leaf SL, asking $13k. I wasn't expecting much interest and would be happy with 12k. It's an excellent car. 40,000mi - my wife's commuter car. The car still has all 12 capacity bars, and the tires are new. CarMax gave me a quote of $8000 for the car. Gee - thanks!
    I was shocked to get 6 interested callers. One guy really wanted it, but was out of town for 5 days. I'm a sucker, and promised to hold it. The next day, I had a guy I couldn't put off. He came the next day, knowing he was 2nd in line. He offered me full price.
    I emailed guy 1, and said the car was his - but I was now firm on $13k. That foolish loyalty only goes so far... He's coming out tomorrow, with cash! I'm happy, my wife is sad. She really loved that car. But will comfort herself by driving the 3 to work.
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    Thanks for sharing. Trade in value is terrible for this car so you did the right thing by selling it private party. What state are you in?

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