replacing halogen headlights with LED

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by dheatherly, Oct 21, 2019.

  1. dheatherly

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  2. I can't see any reference to the electric version. So I'm guessing it's designed for the ice version. That doesn't mean it couldn't work ...

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  3. HudsonKona

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    I too have a kona electric SEL with halogen headlights. I tried a conversion to led. Used a lasfit plug n play h7 pro that did go on well and looked good. BUT stuck out in back end so could not get original dust covers back on. Got some rubber dust cover extensions but that didnt work. Just not enough room to add.
    So if ok with having no dust covers the led are good.
    But not for me: i sent back for a refund.
    Lasfit customer service was very helpful thru this whole process.
    Now looking to see if there are better halogen bulbs...

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  4. I installed the Lasfits with no problem, see the previous extensive thread covering this subject. As with most aftermarket solutions the design engineering is not even close to that of the OEM fixtures. They sort of work but I'm not sure they'll be reliable. I'll leave them in for now and carry everything needed to change them back to halogen if something goes wrong.
  5. Definitely see the other thread. The Hikari brand LED kit I used was a pain to install, but I'm very happy with the end result. Glad I did it.
  6. I agree. I did the same thing, same pain in the !@#$%^, but very happy with the result. Cheap too.
  7. HudsonKona

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    Did you get the original dust covers back on with no problem?

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  8. Yes, no problem at all. I would not have continued had I not been able to do that.

    IMG_0198.jpeg IMG_0191.jpeg
  9. HudsonKona

    HudsonKona New Member

    Thanks for the pics. Did you remove the black plastic retainers around their collar? I didnt. Snapped in place well but then it stuck out too much in their backside...

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  10. The lamps installed as shown in the photo. The plastic adapters are essential. I did have to loosen the three phillips screws to get the lamp to turn into the locked position. The more difficult part of the job was working the connector past the fan housing to tuck them in.

    Maybe the plastic collars were installed backwards on your lamps? Or my Euro spec headlight assembly is different from yours?
  11. HudsonKona

    HudsonKona New Member

    Might be that i was not as clever too. I have sent them back. Thanks...

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  12. Well, they were certainly not as easy to install as I expected either.
  13. it seem very tight have you got any pictures, most of led come with driver and plug, does install everything inside and then dust cover

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