RAV4 Prime PHEV for 2021 - anyone considering adding / jumping ??

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by 4sallypat, Jan 3, 2020.

  1. You could be on to something. Or, it could be the that someone doesn’t have a sense of humor.

    One definition on your link goes like this:
    Something that is the center of attention or attraction.

    Related words are: club and spotlight.
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    We can get deeper into Polestar etymology (it's also the Volvo performance trim level) in that sub-forum. Let's keep the focus here on the RAV4 Prime. Thanks!
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    In my shopping list. But I'm afraid the MSRP will be over 50K in C$, and our better than nothing government rebates will run out in a few months...
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    Well, for an extra $120k I would expect any car to blow out the Clarity. Lol, I paid $22.5k new out the door after adding back the Fed tax credit. A Polestar can’t touch that - the Clarity is the classiest budget-wise commuter I will likely ever own.

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  5. insightman

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    It's amazing that there is no competitor for the Clarity that costs less than $120K extra.
  6. Not so amazing when you contemplate the small market for them. Setting aside the lack of marketing (for both the Clarity and its predecessor, the Chevrolet Volt) there just hasn't been a groundswell of demand for these cars.
    I was frustrated last summer when I couldn't meet my sudden demand for a Clarity Touring of a certain color within several hundred miles of my home but I'm told that even with thousands of dollars of incentives on the table earlier in the year there were still hundreds of Clarity PHEV's across the country.

    As of right now, cars.com shows 28 2018 Clarities for sale and 276 2019's (concentrated in California).

    GM terminated the Volt last spring because with the federal tax credit tapped out, there was no money to be made by them with that car model.
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  7. Agzand

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    As some of you might know, in Europe the Honda CRV and Subaru Forester are already available with a Hybrid powertrain (same drivetrain as Accord Hybrid in case of Honda).

    I just wanted to bring this group test to your attention:


    It is for the regular hybrid models (not plug-in hybrid), but Honda beat them in real world fuel economy.
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    The Audi is a super nice vehicle and the Premium trim, which may be as well equipped as the fanciest Rav4, can be easily bought for about $49,500. Toyota dealers better be careful with their pricing and I hope they don't start asking over MSRP for a fully loaded Rav4.
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  13. dana

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    Just checked with local Utah stealership regarding availability. Salesman said RAV4 Prime will only be sold in California and New York. He also said the only way to purchase outside of those two states is if you pay the shipping charges.
  14. If the dealers lips are moving...
  15. Agzand

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    I think the price is right and there will be strong demand, the problem is supply, I don't think you can find one easily at least for a couple of years. Even the regular RAV4 hybrids were difficult to negotiate.
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    Isn't there always a destination charge?
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    For me, you don't win the transportation game buying new vehicle often. I drove my last car for about 17 years. Bought it new. I would've driven it longer if repair cost hadn't necessitated a different action. While I'm super happy with Clarity, don't know what I'd do if buying new right now. I would definitely consider and try to test drive the RAV4 Prime. But, yeah, I'm likely many years away from any vehicle change.
    (I realize you can have unforeseen problems with any car. But my intent is to keep Clarity as long as possible. It's part of the reason I was happy to buy the 8yr, 120K extended warranty--thanks to this forum about $1500. And actually, if the car makers sold a longer warranty, depending on the dollars I'd consider it).

    I find all vehicles today to be obnoxiously expensive. When I bought my last car, a 2 year car loan was pretty standard. I took a 5 year loan for the Clarity (mainly due to awesome terms-- 0.9%).
  18. ab13

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    Toyota estimates a 42 mile EV range, however the 3kW charger is the standard one and it is unknown if the battery is liquid cooled.
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