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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Tailwind, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. Tailwind

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    Just had my car in for it's first A1 service. Just over 7000 miles on the odometer, 8-1/2 months since purchase. Service writer says there are several service bulletins for the car. I say go ahead and do them. Two are software updates, unspecified at the time as to what they are.

    I get the car back and the invoice shows "Complete Campaign 18-091 Range Display Incorrect". When I took the car in, the EV range was over 60, but when I get it back, it is only 38. I think, "did the tech take my car out for a joy ride or something?", but when I look at the battery indicator, it is still at full bars. Go home and plug in the car to charge it and after charging it still only shows 41 miles of EV range. Drove the car the next day to battery depletion and recharged it. Again, only mid 40s EV range. For most of the time I've had the car, I've had EV range in the upper 50s to mid 60s before this update.

    Anybody else have this update and experience the same sort of reduction in EV range?
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  2. kcsunshine

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    No, but it is possible that the history was reset so the car needs to re-estimate the range. I believe the car uses your actual driving history to estimate the future range. Does your actual mileage seem the same as before? Maybe after a few more charges and drives, it will correct it self.
  3. Tailwind

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    KC, while I understand your point, I don't believe that to be the case. I have driven the car to battery depletion twice and the actual miles driven follows the EV range estimate from a full charge very closely. This was the case before the update when I was showing 60-ish miles of EV range.

    I will report back my experiences as I get more data points.
  4. Mark W

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    I agree with KC. The car is just recalibrating it's calculations. There's nothing they would have done with the service bulletin update to actually decrease your EV range.
  5. Viking79

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    Yes, the range calculation update clears the efficiency history and will return to default values.

    After a couple charges it should be more accurate, maybe they changed the estimation.

    Also, where I am it is cold now so range drops dramatically from using heater.

    Edit: I don't think many of us have used the latest 091 update. The earlier range update might have introduced two possible bugs: one where the gas gauge doesn't update for awhile after filling and another issue that people didn't like that it never increased range estimate, so you might drive 30 miles before the estimate started dropping again.
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  6. GentLarry

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    I had the first service today and they updated the range. I charged the car afterwards and the range, EV, dropped from 53 to 42 miles. The attachment shows the updates they made today.

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  7. Sandroad

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    I’m sure your right.....but.....I’m admittedly paranoid about Honda deciding to update software to use the HV battery less without telling me. That’s what happened to me a few years ago with a Civic Hybrid after Honda had to replace too many HV batteries. It completely ruined that car for me. So, I’m watching closely any reports about reduced EV range, increased ICE operation, or reduced performance. I think everything will be fine, I hope.
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