Price paid for Kona Electric (in Canada)

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Domenick, Jan 16, 2019.

  1. Kitsilano

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    AutoTrader lists new Prefereds and Ultimates for sale in Vancouver dealerships.
  2. Benny

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    Don't put high hope on the autotrader listings...some dealers have their cars listed automatically. I tried to contact every single one of them when I was searching last month and they're all incoming cars for orders already in place. Having said that, it may be worthwhile to call around and ask anyway...I got my car this way.
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  3. apu

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    I went through this exercise a few months ago, for giggles I emailed a couple of the dealers on autotrader and got back the typical bait and switch reply...."specified is our demo unit and is not for sell nevertheless if you get your name registered with us you have a better chance of getting into one sooner rather than later"
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  4. robxb

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    Thanks for the info, Apu. I suppose perhaps BC has preferential treatment, as they have a provincial rebate, much like in the States. Wish I knew when I had ordered that colour mattered so much when it comes to delivery windows :(.
  5. apu

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    If its any consolation I am in the same boat waiting for the same color/model. I was told August/September when I ordered in early May. Honestly i am starting to waiver whenever I read another post about the reduction gear box noises and wonder if another EV is in my cards. I will wait a little longer I guess :(
  6. robxb

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    I believe the reduction gear box is covered under their 8-year warranty though, isn't it? I suppose it would be the same for the Niro... What other car are you considering? Where are you ordering from?
  7. apu

    apu Well-Known Member

    Yes I believe the reduction gear box would be covered. I'm in Winnipeg. To be clear I really like the Kona, it ticks all the boxes. It was inevitable there would be some teething problems but I guess it gets discouraging when you starting hearing more and more folks having the same low mileage concerns while you wait for a car that you really have no idea when it may show up. I guess if I had an alternate it would be the model Y but realistically it would likely be the model 3 standard range +. If one could get the model 3 long range with the federal rebate I would seriously look at that. The current free pearl white color is nice. If this process extends into the new calendar year it won't make much of a difference as I likely will just take the business EV capital cost allowance instead on whatever EV is available.
  8. KonaTom

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    I’ve had my kona ev since January and now have 11000 km on it with no problems whatsoever
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