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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by victor_2019, Oct 20, 2019.

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    So I put new winter tires on the Kona (Michelin xice 3) on new steel wheels I bought from Costco (cheapest they have, they fit perfectly)

    I also bought 433 MHz TPMS sensors from Rock auto, they are made by Continental.

    The Costco installers said they "reset" the sensors but I need to drive for 20 minutes for the reset to be completed.

    In the beginning the car kept saying "drive to show pressure" and after about 20 minutes the pressure appeared, so everything works fine.

    But now my question is how do they reset this TPMS system? When I change back to the summer tires do I need to do anything special to get the TPMS working again?
  2. From what I am learning about the tpms module at least on the ice Konas and presumably on electric it self learns the id numbers and locations of the tpms sensors automatically. With the appropriate service tool you can reflash the sensor ids, I suspect this is what he did, it probably wasn't really necessary. You shouldn't have to do anything special when you put your summer tires back on.
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    I just put my winter wheels/tires on by myself. I can confirm that you need to do absolutely nothing for the new ones to work (other than drive around for a few minutes).
  4. My Hyundai dealership is having a helluva time with my TPMS. I have then in my winter tires, an aftermarket set that the dealership bought for me last year. They just swapped out my summers and couldn't get the car to read the sensors. They had to send me away while they bought a tool to read them. I'm going back to finalize the swap in a few days. And these were sensors that had worked all last winter. For me at least, there was nothing"automatic" about getting them working.
  5. I doubt that all four of your aftermarket TPMS sensors have failed. I wonder if they mucked something up with your TPMS receiver which is integral to your body control module when they were fixing your other troubles recently. It appears the control module does not want to or can't acknowledge the winter tire sensor IDs. The BMS only keeps one set of TPMS IDs memorized until a new set shows up. Sounds like your BMS has developed some dementia :)
  6. Minor correction... I think you may have meant to write BCM rather than BMS :
  7. Touch of dementia on my end as well :)

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