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Is any one else getting this crazy mileage?

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  1. Karl C.

    Karl C. New Member

    I purchased my 2019 Kona 3 months ago and every single time i take it to a full charge i get a higher mileag IMG_1182.png e reading. I am now at 340 mi on a full charge. Has any one else experienced this.
  2. You are experiencing the GOM(guess o' meter) predicting what your mileage be based on past driving conditions/driver behavior. It may not represent actual range.
  3. BlueKonaEV

    BlueKonaEV Well-Known Member

    My highest on the GOM was 348 but my highest (miles driven + remaining miles on GOM was 387.8 miles.. 358.8 driven + 29 remaining. Kona's official range is certainly underrated with heat and AC off. 20190719_115655.jpg Screenshot_20190713-082954_MyHyundai.jpg
  4. Love the graphics on that screen, does it give you the option to change the car to an EV?
  5. BlueKonaEV

    BlueKonaEV Well-Known Member

    I don't think that I can change the graphic on the bluelink app but it shows exactly my car on the myhyundai website. Screenshot_20190825-205124_Chrome.jpg

    It shows recommended maintenance as I'm over 5k miles..
  6. What sort of maintenance is required at such low mileage? Sounds fishy.
  7. BlueKonaEV

    BlueKonaEV Well-Known Member

    5k miles service. Rotate tires and check fluids, brakes etc... Regular scheduled service.. Doing that myself..

    EVRIGREEN New Member

    Best predicted mileage was 344, and it seemed pretty accurate. But we've had a bit of a cold snap and I've noticed my mileage is decreasing. My commute is 25 miles and I've been using 24 to 25 miles per trips for weeks. This morning, with temps in the 50s, I used up 30 miles of range for the same commute, same conditions. It's happening... Curse you cold weather! Winter is going to be a challenge after only having my Kona during the summer months.
  9. Heat pump makes a huge difference on consumption, not sure you have one ( is this a U.S. model?)

    EVRIGREEN New Member

    U.S., so no heat pump.
  11. GOM.jpg
    Mine went as high as 367 on a full charge.
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  12. TheLight75

    TheLight75 Active Member

    I haven't seen higher than 336
  13. eastpole

    eastpole Member


    Are you seeing actual distances driven similar to the GuessOMeter predictions?

    I apologize in advance for posting in Canadian/metric units in a global forum; we're weird and use kWh/100 km. But the observation is more important than the units.

    4 people in car, no luggage, no climate control, mostly highway driving: 12 kWh/100 km.
    4 people in car, tonnes of luggage AND ROOFTOP BOX(1), no climate control, mostly highway driving: 18 kWh/100 km.

    Note I was not moving a thousand litres of water or a bookstore worth of books; this is just regular vacation stuff. So far I do not have a sense of whether it's the weight or the aerodynamics that is imposing the energy cost here. But overall: 50% penalty for heavy load + rooftop box.

    As you can imagine this threw off my GuessOMeter twice, once on the trip when we were drawing way more power than usual to go at 100 km, and again when we got home and unloaded and got things back to normal. Trip distance is about 330 km and it did not seem prudent to try to make it the whole distance without a brief top-up along the way. So now we have some experience with fast chargers!

    (1) A Yakima Spacecase on Thule Aero bars.
  14. Martin H

    Martin H New Member

    I must preface this with: I really don't care exactly how efficient or inefficient my Kona is. I like driving, I like the torgue, I figure I am doing my bit for the world by not buying a Porsche ICE. That said, I do care about range - mostly about knowing the range. And I am pretty disappointed in the Kona from that point of view.

    I have driven it for about 5000 km, about 80% city driving, 20% highway, getting about 14 kwh/100km and a pretty accurate estimate of around 360km on an 80% charge (which is what I do to preserve battery life)
    This weekend I took it on its first highway trip. 600km each way. Driving somewhere between 100 and 120 km/h the whole way, the consumption went up to about 19 kwh/100km.
    Unsurprisingly, the range estimates were about 25% over-optimistic on the way out. By the time we pulled back into the city, 1200 km later range estimates were still over optimistic but only by only 10% or so.
    Today I drove the car to work and back (55km). When I returned, the car still says my 80% charge will get me only 288 km.

    The conclusion is that if you drove your car in the city all week and took a weekend trip every weekend, your range estimates would always be out by 15-20% or more. Not good enough. And easy to fix - just give us the ability to tell the computer to estimate based only on the most recent, say, 50km. Or better still, make the averaging range adjustable!
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  15. Quite the rant. You start off saying you care about range and you're disappointed, but you end up complaining about inaccurate estimates of range. Which is it?

    I live in the U.S. so I converted your results so I can compare to mine, and they look generally the same. Your normal mix of city/highway gets you about 4.3 miles per kwh. Multiply that by the 64 kwh battery and you get a maximum range of 275 miles, much more than the Kona's advertised range of 258 miles. I get about 300. On the highway doing between 62 and 75 mph, you get about 3.3 miles per kwh. Again, multiplying by 64 kwh battery gets you about 212 miles. That's a 22% decrease from the advertised miles of 258 and a 23% decrease from what you normally get. I think those are respectable numbers if in fact it is range you're worried about. But if it is estimated range, guess what, you have the data to calculate that yourself. The range estimator is called a GOM (guess-o-meter) for a reason. it averages over a specified period. It will never give you exactly what you - and everyone else - want because we all want different measurements. Just use whatever real data you get and figure it out yourself.
  16. Martin H

    Martin H New Member

    I said I cared mostly about knowing the range (and a bit about the range for the convenience fewer charges)

    I agree with everything you say except for one thing. You say: "The range estimator is called a GOM (guess-o-meter) for a reason. it averages over a specified period." But Hyundai does not specify the period nor does it let you specify it. My complaint would go away if the period was from the last reset of the average consumption. But it is not so. As I said, if you drive in the city over the week and on long trips over the weekend, the GOM is guaranteed to be incorrect And there is nohting you can do to make the GOM more accurate even though the solution is simple. The fact that the car bothers to tell you about the relatively small difference putting on the AC makes just adds insult to the injury.

    By the way, I will never buy another ICE and love the Kona in most ways.
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  17. BlueKonaEV

    BlueKonaEV Well-Known Member

    My experience is that IF you drive the same driving style throughout a charge, the predictions are pretty accurate or even underestimate range.
    Of course, if I drive half a charge commuting to work and the 2nd half of my charge, I drive at 75 mph with the AC on, the prediction will be completely off.
    I took it to the test twice and I kept the same exact same driving cycle for an entire charge and my actual range EXCEEDED the prediction. When I charged, I got 348 mile prediction but I ended up driving 358.8 miles with 29 miles or range remaining. I did the same exact commute to work with the same lunch break driving every day for the entire work week. For that cycle, I did keep my highway speed to 55 mph instead of the normal 65 mph that I drive. I averaged 6.0 miles/kwh for that charge. I have not put it to the test since as I charge to 80 percent every day.. Usually it's 60 to 80 percent every day.
    The GoM is a little slow to adjust.. So, if you do a longer highway trip and then you switch to a cycle that has slower speed city traffic in it, your estimation on the GoM will be low and you'll easily exceed it.. If your GoM is based on slow speed city driving and then you'll go on a higher speed road trip, your GoM numbers will be too high.. It does not instantly adjust.. It takes a full charge or 2 to adjust.
    Let me give you one example.. I did a trip from Lakeland to Orlando on the weekend at 70 mph with the AC on and 4 people in the car. When I charged Sunday night, my GoM estimated a 248 mile range on 80% charge.. After 2 weeks of commuting, my GoM estimate at 80% charge was up to 275 mile range at 80%.
  18. This is really no different than the GOM is on your ICE car. Mine varies quite a bit on that one, too. And also don't know what previous interval period it uses to calculate.
  19. ericy

    ericy Active Member

    On my ICE car, it would gradually readjust over about 60 miles. I could get on the highway, and the GOM would go up and not down, at least for a while

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  20. I would guess that our EVs are similar. The diff is we didn't pay much attention to the GOM on our ICE cars, just the gas gauge. Now we do...

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