Kia Niro EV Owners Manual and accessing UVO

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    Starting this thread to help owners find a copy of the Owners Manual and other documentation, as well as point them to Kia's infotainment and telematics service called UVO (which apparently means "Your voice.")

    Here is a direct link to the Owners Manual (PDF).

    You can also access it and quick guides, videos, and warranty information through the Kia owners app. Download for the IOS version or the Android version.

    YOu can also get manuals, recalls, and other info from Kia's Owners Portal.

    In the U.S. owners should get the UVO service for 3 years free (after that they say there's a subscription to extend it). It seems there is a slightly separate app for that called UVO Eco.
    Download for the IOS version or the Android version.

    UVO Eco features include:
    1. Remote commands: Lock or unlock your car, start or stop the climate control, or start or stop a charge.
    2. Vehicle Status: View real-time information about your vehicle's battery, range, door locks, and climate control.
    3. Reservation: Schedule when your vehicle should charge and when your climate control should run.
    4. Find My Car: Find the location of the vehicle and navigate to it.
    5. Find Charging Stations: View a map of the charging stations in your area.
    6. Roadside Assist: Contact Kia Roadside Assistance Program with just one click.
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    I can't register my car yet, keeps saying put in a valid VIN. Oh the problems of having a pre-order. :)
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    Are there any news about that ?
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    Thank You Domenick.

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