Installing a Trailer Hitch?

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Soona, Mar 18, 2019.

  1. James Orr

    James Orr New Member

    I had no problem installing the hitch on my 2020 Kona. Fit perfectly. Took 3 hours.

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  2. Graphin'

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  3. James Orr

    James Orr New Member

    It was the 11529 hitch. I did it myself. The hitch was easy and quick - the bulk of the time was spent removing the plastic shrouding and then reinstalling it.

    If I were to do it again however I would pay to have a custom 2” hitch made and installed. A 200 pound tongue weight and 2,000 pound towing is just too limiting.
  4. Graphin'

    Graphin' New Member

    Gotcha, thanks James. We just picked up our Kona on the weekend and are deciding our best course of action. We would not use it for anything other than our bike rack, so we wouldn't go with anything heavy duty...I'm just trying to decide whether or not to do it myself.
  5. Soona

    Soona Member

    I had the Draw Tite installed yesterday and am very pleased (I am the OP on this thread, wanting a hitch for my bike rack). I took Dag's photos in but they said it was a standard install, nothing unusual. Installation cost $150 US. I guess the only reason there is no approved hitch for this car is because Hyundai doesn't want people towing with it? Anyway, glad to finally have this taken care of.

    BTW it being spring and having beautiful weather here in Oregon this week, I removed the snow tires and installed the bike rack . . . and woke up to heavy snowfall this morning!
  6. Sue

    Sue New Member

    I went to a uhaul to have the same hitch installed. They looked under the car and said they would need to take the whole plastic part out completely that is there keep the wind from getting caught in the bumper... so two questions:
    1. Did your uhaul take this plastic shield out completely or did they cut it (and if so where did they make the cuts?)
    2. Have you noticed any change in range due to having the hitch (without bikes on it)?
    Thanks in advance!

  7. TheLight75

    TheLight75 Active Member

    I installed it myself. I cut out a small section of the black undercover and made a couple small cuts in the cover above it. It took all of 10 minutes for the cuts. If they removed it all together, you should ask them for it back as it's your property.

  8. Soona

    Soona Member

    Dag has a series of good photos of the cuts that need to be made (post #21 of this thread) which are easy because they follow the ribs. The installer made the cuts and reinstalled the plastic.

    It’s hard to believe there’s much impact on range. There’s virtually no change to aerodynamics and there isn’t too much added weight either. I imagine my snow tires affected range more.
  9. TRNJ

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    [QUOTE = "Vincent Harris, poste: 81370, membre: 18395"] Bonjour Geoff,

    En espérant que vous ne l'avez pas encore quitté ‍♂️

    J'ai un attelage de remorque Auto Hal Hyundai KONA 4WD.
    No de Cat J78 # imgrc = C1jCrvSuUVNtCM

    Semble très différent du Curt.

    Ma question est,
    Existe-t-il plusieurs options pour les pièces jointes pour différentes options de connexion.

    Ou tout simplement la seule option.

    Je ne veux pas retirer le pare-chocs, etc. tant que je ne suis pas sûr d'avoir la bonne pièce à installer.

    En espérant que vous puissiez aider.

    Vince [/ QUOTE]
    Oui le AutoHak J78 s'installe sur un Kona EV (2020) je l'ai fait ici en France .

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  10. Yes, they made some cut-outs in the plastic, pretty minor/routine. No change in range with just hitch itself that is measurable/noticeable.
  11. Konan the Explorer

    Konan the Explorer New Member

    Just installed the Curt 11529 and wanted to let other Canucks know that you can order direct from U-Hauls website in Canadian dollars , it was 136.95 as previous owners have found but if you're doing a DIY install that is all taxes and shipping included, direct to your door by Fedex and it is delivered in a larger Curt box. I couldnt find it cheaper anywhere else even using discounts I get for work. If you want to keep the plastic covers intact you have to make a few mods. I chose to cut a small corner off the hitch with my sawzall so that the black plastic cover fits perfectly. I'm not planning on pulling a trailer, just a bike rack, so not an engineering issue. I also managed to fit the center support for the underbody panel back in place by cutting a piece off and re-installing it in the middle of the hitch hanger IMG_0053.jpg

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