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    My experience with the Mascouche Hyundai dealer was courteous but not stellar.

    They gave me erroneous info about the "Auto Hold", the "Park Break" and did not know on what menu you can adjust the max speed to limit it to 90KM/hour. They also told me that the built-in navigation system was free for just 3 months (as is truly the case for the Sirius/XM radio) when it is free for 5 years as is the case with Bluelink in Canada. Also, the windshield washer recipient was not filled all the way. I don't care about the windshield washer itself since that is very inexpensive. But since "ensuring that all fluids are set to max capacity" is the first item on the "quality assurance" checklist they handed me, it makes me wonder if they skipped on doing the other QA items too.
  2. Interesting video... I was not aware the car won't remember "sport mode" upon restart. Do you find this the same on your Kona?
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    Dear Mr
    Dear Mr Dominic administrator!!
    I Own 2019 Kona Ev in NYC for 6 month I'm aggressive driver getting 366 ml on single charge with outside temperature 55F/12C on single 100% !!! charge .I do use also level 2 to 100% 64Kw battery!!! Also I used few times rapid charge 50Kw to 100% You not recommended all those ! So what is your answer to all ??????? I'm attaching pictures of to proofs
    Janusz Grabon
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    Hi there!
    First, congrats on the car. That's some pretty incredible range you are getting.
    I'm not sure I understand your comment about not recommending it. I really like Kona Electric. The only drawback I thought it had was back seat legroom. I think it looks better than the Kia Niro EV.
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    Might just be an issue of language barrier.
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  6. Yes a little too incredible.
  7. I believe that he was referring to his frequent 100% charging at level 2 and 3 potentially being "bad" for battery health despite his apparently good mileage. Though I could be interpreting it wrong.
  8. The poster did mention NYC, it could be 20 Mph average.
    Aggressive could mean - occasionally passing another car at 40 MpH.
    Need more info on consumption or M/kWh
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    If he drives in NYC with the AC off, that efficiency could be possible.. I get 6 mi/kwh in city traffic with the AC off.
  10. I will defer to your better experience, but I will have to say that driving in NYC in the summer with no a/c is exceptionally rare. Not unlike in your lovely state the summer humidity is brutal. I lived in Manhattan for 10 years before my work took me to Canada and summers were my least favorite season in the big apple.
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    Robert is stuck in his back yard with nothing new to talk about, so he raves about his 2019 Kona. Guaranteed to make you feel good about your purchase.
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    Yes, it is like this on my Asian spec 64kWh Kona. It defaults to Comfort mode each time I start the car, no matter what mode I was at earlier. Same for the VESS setting. It defaults to On each time I start the car. I will have to then manually switch it off. My car comes with a VESS switch. The other feature I would have liked is to select the default regen setting as zero in the settings page but only 1, 2, 3 is available as an option.
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    Yeah, it only made me itch to get out for a drive - even if just around the neighborhood.
  14. Guess he hasn't encountered that clicking sound yet. Sure took the shine off my car...

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