Hyundai Bluelink App blues

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Jgood, Oct 17, 2019.

  1. Jgood

    Jgood Member

    8 seconds to connect but it was displaying data from last useless. Then another 30 seconds to update and display current data. Then I sent a request to do a remote UNLOCK and it took 90+ seconds to actually send the request and another 10 seconds to display a confirmation dialog. Then it took 20+ seconds to unlock the doors. So total time to remotely unlock my doors was just under three minutes. It's so slow I'll never use these features. Perhaps that's the Hyundai strategy. Give Kona owners a feature-filled App that's crippled and can't possibly work, so no one ever uses it and then they won't have to upgrade their servers!
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  2. Bugblndr

    Bugblndr Member

    Last night and today I tried out using Climate settings. I looked at it before but could never figure out how to turn on the climate control remotely without using the scheduled charging. I kept getting a message saying there is no saved remote default setting. Nowhere could I figure out where to save a remote default setting either. I looked on the car, on the website, on the app.

    I called up BlueLink Support Canada and discovered that it does indeed work, it just appears things happen so slowly that they appear not to work and timeout usually.

    There's definitely something awful about the app, I change my opinion now that I'm trying to use more functions.
  3. XtsKonaTrooper

    XtsKonaTrooper Active Member

    No they changed it. I actually used it today, first time in a long while, to preheat the car for the OL. Now it seems, yiu have to preset a favorite. I just went out to verify things and its all toasty for her.
  4. Bugblndr

    Bugblndr Member

    I had to preset a favorite on the prior version too. It just wouldn't give me a spot to actually create one or see the ones I had already set up on the website. Same with the new version, except now if I wait long enough, the option shows up, except when it times out.
  5. robxb

    robxb Active Member

    Agreed, the app is absolute rubbish. My car clearly has reception, but like you said, the app freezes, shows old data, and takes forever to connect, if at all. If I try to lock the doors from it, it will often send back a message saying it was unsuccessful. And they think people will eventually pay for this garbage? HA!
  6. robxb

    robxb Active Member

    I believe they have it in certain European countries
  7. robxb

    robxb Active Member

    "Ok Google, preheat the Kona to 22 degrees for 10AM" .... one can dream :p
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  8. hobbit

    hobbit Active Member

    Those who stiil aren't sure if the car has a cell connection or not are invited
    to view my living hands-on proof:

    . Going dark

    The modem rides around in the sunglasses-holder for show-n-tell when the
    topic comes up in real life.

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  9. It's too bad we can't configure the Kona to connect to our home network, I was able to do that with the Kia Soul. At least then while we're home the app would work faster.
  10. Francois

    Francois Active Member

    Found a new (to me) with Bluelink this morning.

    When going to Vehicule Status in the app, it was timing out quite frequently (that's not the new part :) ) so I've had to retry several times and I noticed something. On the 1st successful access, it was telling me that my car was 83% charged which is fine.

    I launched the charging and climate control to defrost my windshield, went into the shower and did another attempt just to be sure that it was charging fine/ So maybe 15 minutes had passed since the time I had seen 83%. And this time it showed me that it was 74% charged!!!!

    That got me worried that something was wrong with the climate control or with the car's battery!!
    Thankfully, after a few more attempts to refresh the status (lots of timeout today), it showed me 84% charged. Phew!

    Repeated the status refresh maybe another 10 minutes later and it showed me 54% charged! But I did not get worried this time LOL.
    And I just did another refresh and it is charged to 87%.

    So I can only assume two things. Either their overloaded server is misinterpreting the info from my car or... They are randomly sending me info from other drivers cars with one guy who was at 74% and another who was at 54%.

    Very weird (and also momentarily scary when I first thought that charging my car had drained the battery instead). :)

    Thankfully the car itself is great because the Bluelink surely isn't a selling point.
  11. victor_2019

    victor_2019 Active Member

    the app used to work fine before but in the past few weeks it is constantly timing out. app was recently updated.

    nothing else changed, same phone, same physical area, I'm in central montreal with LTE connection, cell network is good...
  12. Francois

    Francois Active Member

    I am in Mascouche, so not too far from you and also with great cell coverage. I blame the app or the servers, not our cell connectivity :)
  13. Ya, I don't know why people seem to be trying so hard to find excuses for BlueLink's performance woes, it's awful all on its own. Apparently by design.
  14. chipgeek

    chipgeek New Member

    Blue Link is a disaster. If i were paying for it I'd be demanding my money back.
  15. ericy

    ericy Active Member

    So this morning the BlueLink web site decided to start telling me my range in km instead of miles. The phone app still reports miles..
  16. Just got a Mandatory update notice. Updated in Play store and now the app is stuck in a loop. Won't open, demands update and so on. The tale of woe and string of garbage continues.
  17. Called support. They are having a technical problem. No kidding. Talk to a guy, he says the issue is not my loop problem. It is something else. So now they have technical problemS. Junk.
  18. Maybe they'll finally have a look at it and find a few other problems with it. And maybe even fix it?
    Just joking!

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  19. Good one.
  20. Claire Spencer

    Claire Spencer New Member

    I'm getting the same message saying there's no saved remote default setting. However, I've saved two climate favourites (but don't see a "default" option anywhere). I keep turning climate settings on, but the next time I open the app it they are turned off. So frustrating! This is the most user unfriendly app I've seen :/

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