Honda Clarity, the Volt Challenger

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    It looks good but are they bringing it to the US? From the recent spy shots, it looks like a subcompact 5 door hatchback.

    Did you hear about the 2020 Soul EV? Very good specs and hopefully be around $37,500. Kia's quality and reliability have improved a lot in the last decade.
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    Honda has said they are planning to sell the subcompact 5-door hatchback Urban EV in Europe in 2019 and Japan in 2020. Sage Marie, Honda's Assistant Vice President, Public Relations, has said the car will not be coming to the US. Honda's attitude is not surprising after yesterday's groundswell of enthusiasm following the unveiling of Honda's 2nd largest SUV, the Passport. Honda doesn't believe US buyers would embrace a subcompact car. Honda sold 3,172 Fits in October, 2017, but last month they sold only 920 Fits.

    IMO, if the Urban EV is anywhere near as cute as the Urban EV Concept (still TBD), this car would outsell the Leaf and Bolt even if it didn't match the range of those 2 EVs. Not only would the Urban EV make for a stylish city runabout, but it would be a great car to tow behind an RV for excursions from the campground. To make the Urban EV popular in the US, Honda should leave them around Hollywood/Bel Air neighborhoods--like Bird scooters--to have people seeing celebrities driving them.

    I'm completely enamored with the Urban EV and keep writing letters to Honda, begging them to bring it to North America. I bought this $200 scale model of the Urban EV Concept, which just arrived from Switzerland:
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