Honda Clarity Electric Completely Out of Stock Nationwide?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by MarkS, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. MarkS

    MarkS New Member

    I'm in Southern California and can confirm that the two dealers who claim that they have A Honda Clarity Electric in stock on Autotrader (not the PHEV, but the 100% Electric) don't actually have it (they're just using it as a gimmick to get people in the door for bait-and-switch). Since it's only available for sale in California, that means that it's not available for sale nationwide, right?

    Has this low inventory always been the case for the Clarity Electric? Or, is it confirming that Honda will be discontinuing the Clarity EV and won't be making any more?
  2. ddddcsd

    ddddcsd New Member

    Clarity Electric driver here. They are leased in CA and OR only. I don’t believe they are ever really in stock. The way I got mine was to get on a salesman’s interest list (note, not a dealership list, it was all very disorganized). He then called the night a truck came in with new inventory and it included a Clarity Electric. I went to the dealership right away and completed the paperwork and left with the car. The manager explained that for the Electric they have no idea when one will arrive (unlike the other cars on the new inventory truck, which they do get advanced notice of). I recommend going to many dealerships (only the ones that lease the Electric) and get on as many different salespeople’s lists as you can. Good luck.

    Also, I believe they are still being shipped, but don’t know that for sure.

  3. BeMurda

    BeMurda Member

    They are shutting down the Japanese production facility temporarily I'd heard, not sure if it's for some retooling or battery shortage, etc. But not from any official report yet, just dealership folks. Canada has no stock from now until the 2020's come in Q1.
  4. 4sallypat

    4sallypat Active Member

    Yah, I had to go on a dealer's wait list for a FCV and EV.

    When I needed the car, none were around so I settled for the PHEV.

    Hoping the 2020 Clarity sells better in other states...
  5. ClarityDoc

    ClarityDoc Active Member

    "Has this low inventory always been the case for the Clarity Electric? Or, is it confirming that Honda will be discontinuing the Clarity EV and won't be making any more?" = a.k.a. a false dichotomy
  6. Agzand

    Agzand Active Member

    In the Bay Area there was always a waiting list. If you are doing typical 30-40 mile commute in this area and/or you can charge at work, between the carpool sticker and fuel cost savings, the car is basically free to run. For a typical 60 mile round trip the fuel saving by itself can offset the $199 monthly lease.
  7. MarkS

    MarkS New Member

    Yes, I have a 50 mile round trip commute, so the amount I would save on fuel vs my TOU night charging electricity rate will pay for the $199 lease. The drive-off cost is paid by the CA EV rebate (I know it's on a waiting list, but they did get funded already).

    That makes me ignore the ugly looks of the car, especially the rear wheel skirt (yuck). This is cheaper than a Metrolink Monthly pass, with the added perk of HOV lane access!
  8. Steven B

    Steven B Active Member

  9. 4sallypat

    4sallypat Active Member

    Saitama, Japan.
    It's a prefecture just north of Tokyo.

    I hope they move production of the Clarity elsewhere (cheaper than Japan), but I don't think it will happen because it's such a low volume model. I see so many Accords and Civics in So Cal...
  10. eneka

    eneka Member

    Dealers probably get them once a month. I called up every single dealer to get on their waitlist. Diamond Honda had one two weeks ago, Santa Monica Honda had one last week and Norm Reeves cerritos has a used one available on sunday. Another dealer in the SFV got one this past week as well. All were first come first serve and picked up on the day of. Honda in torrance got a FCEV last week as well.

    You can probably estimate when they come in by tracking the japanese car carrier vessels docking in at Port Hueneme. I believe mine was on the Kuriyushi Leader that docked last Saturday as my electric clarity arrived at the dealer this afternoon. Picking it up tomorrow morning.
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  11. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    Did the dealer call you and is holding it for you, or did you drive straight down there and sign the papers and you are now waiting for them to complete the prep so that you can go back and pick it up? Some people reported that dealers called them but wouldn't hold it for them so they ran down there immediately to make sure that no one else got it.

    Also if you don't mind let us know what the manufacturer date is, located on the driver door jamb, and last six digits of VIN as we are trying to figure out if they recently stopped production, this wouldn't confirm anything but would be another data point.
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  12. eneka

    eneka Member

    The dealer (Thousand Oaks Honda) told me last Wednesday they were expecting it 15-19, but it finally came in on the 21st. They said I was first in the waiting list so I have first dibs and just have to come in the day it comes it. (it came in pretty late last night so they held it for me till today.

    Woodland hills Honda just emailed me this morning and they got one today as well

    Last six vin of my new Bev clarity is 000374
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  13. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    That's terrific, congratulations! When you have a chance if you can look at the mfg date on the driver door jamb, thanks.
  14. MarkS

    MarkS New Member

    You beat me to it... A salesman from Thousand Oaks Honda told me they had one available, but couldn't hold it for me. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to leave work early to beat you to it! Congrats!
  15. eneka

    eneka Member

    Build date is 7/2019

    I would've been mad if they sold it since they explicitly said it was mine and I drove 2 hrs to get it! Haha
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  16. ddddcsd

    ddddcsd New Member

    Hi Eneka, when you say a used one was available, what do you mean? Was it somehow turned in early? Or has 3 years already passed for the first lease holder and it was turned in and offered for lease again? (Honda won’t sell them.) What were they asking for a lease?
  17. eneka

    eneka Member

    Yup turned in early, there's been reports of them being re-leased. The salesmen said it's the same deal, but it's $600 down instead of the $1799 down.
  18. ddddcsd

    ddddcsd New Member

    Interesting, thanks Eneka.
  19. MarkS

    MarkS New Member

    After eneka beat me to the one in Thousand Oaks, I got call from a salesman in Norm Reeves Honda Irvine telling me a rare electric had just been unloaded from the truck. He told me other salesmen were calling their clients and I had to rush if I wanted to get it. Well, I did rush since I knew it wasn't a sales gimmick & test drove and had it locked to my name as soon as my credit report was run. There were 2 customers that arrived shortly after me looking for it.

    Bottom line: don't expect them to go by any waiting list order. Its first come, first served. I got on the waiting list of all the OC, Ventura, and LA Clarity Electric dealers, so now I'm still on all those lists. They know that a lot of customers get on the waiting list & move on to a different car, so they don't really honor the order. Its first come, first served.

    The blue line above it from my screenshot editor.

    Since it only had 19 mi of charge on it freshly off the truck, we hooked it up to the DC Fast Charger and it was ready to go with 90% charge in 30 minutes. It was late, so I left before it got to 100%, since it slows down once you get over 80% charge. When I first plugged it in, it said it was charging at some ridiculous AMPs, like 400+AMPs, then by the time I unplugged it at 90% it was charging at around 20 AMPs. I'll be installing a Level 2 32 AMP charger at home, but it's nice to know that the Clarity FULL electric support DC Fast Charging (I know the PHEV doesn't because that has gas as the option for long trips).
  20. ddddcsd

    ddddcsd New Member

    Congratulations Mark, enjoy the car! And yes, first come first served free for all is how it works. You’d think Honda corporate would be annoyed that this happens in their dealerships and correct it to an organized system as the current way makes for annoyed and unhappy customers, but apparently they don’t care enough to do anything.
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