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Discussion in 'Hyundai/Kia' started by Smitty79, Mar 22, 2020.

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    I put a NEMA 14-50 socket in my garage when I bought a Tesla M3. My girlfriend is looking for something less expensive with more cargo space. What would I have to do to charge one of these EVs with my current socket. A Tesla will plug right in. To Kias and Hyundais come with something that will go straight into a standard wall socket?
  2. Most level 2 ev chargers are available with 14-50 plugs, so no modification is needed. I have a Hyundai Kona and charge it with a level 2 charger with a 14-50 plug. It has adjustable amperage so I have made a number of adapters to other plugs for other out lest like the 14-30. Amazon has a number of options for sale with 14-50 plugs. Also my Konas factory 12 amp level 1 charger can operate on 120 volt, It has a standard 5-15 plug. It can also operate 240 volt as well using an adapter plug
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    The charger they supply is VERY slow. I purchased a Besenergy 32amp L2 charger in Oct. 2019 on Amazon and it works great in my 14-50 plug. They back their product with outstanding support and customer service. I had an issue last week and they refunded my return shipping within 24hrs and sent me a new unit BEFORE they received my return. Can’t recommend this charger or company enough. Good luck on your search.
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    You can get adapters for the Tesla EVSE so that it can be used to charge both your M3 and a Kona/Niro at maximum speed.

    You can also get adapters to allow the bundled KIA/Hyundai 12A portable EVSE to plug into your 14-50 socket and give you 2.7 kW of charging speed. Without adapter, you'll get about 1.3 kW from a standard 120V outlet. Depending on your daily driving needs, you may be okay using these slower charging speeds and save some money on EVSE upgrades.

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