Head of A/P software out at Tesla

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by David Green, Aug 22, 2019.

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    I didn't know him before and based on past Tesla alumni, I'm not sure I'll ever hear about him again.

    Just curious, does anyone follow former Tesla employees with the exception of those who sue or are sued by Tesla?

    Bob Wilson
  3. David Green

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    I know Bob, its totally normal for company to prop up people to the press as the leader of a program, just to have them leave the company soon after... Its normal... Well, I would say when you lose the leader of A/P software, Robotaxis by the end of the year will be added to the long list of Tesla / Musk failures.
  4. David Green

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    Robotaxis right around the corner? haha!

  5. bwilson4web

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    Best played via YouTube to accelerate the playback.

    Bob Wilson
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    Thanks Bob Wilson for the video. Long winded, but I enjoyed it. With regards to the departure of Bob Stuart as head of AP, I don't know much but was surprised to find out that the department had 100 engineers. I happen to believe as a general rule this is too large. Most of their time gets spent in meetings, keeping up with each other's work and portioning out work load. Generally a few engineers will be stars and maybe they head smaller groups, but take all these best people and put them together and dump the rest and I believe productivity goes up. So, a little biased, I immediately got the impression that he was an empire builder, you know one of those who believe their stature and paycheck in the company is proportional to the number of people in their department and are more focused on their career than they are on the success of the company.

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