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  1. Hello. I'm a new member here and have been enjoying reading all these posts over the last few weeks. I've had my Kona EV for 3 weeks now and loving it so far. These forums have provided a wealth of information, and have been enjoyable too!

    I have a question about the front parking sensors, wondering if this is normal or if anyone else has experienced. When I park in my garage, I use the sensor warnings to judge how far forward I can park. This has been working great, until the last few days. Now I regularly, if not always, never get a warning as I get closer to obstacles in front of me. I've tested this elsewhere other than my garage. If I stop, change gear to "R", then the warning beeps start. If I then switch back to "D", the warning beeps continue normally. It's just on the initial approach that I no longer get warning beeps/display. Should I be taking it in? I'm concerned with it being somewhat intermittent, or occurring under those certain conditions, that it won't be reproduced "properly" and hence be dismissed. Any thoughts?

    Again, thanks for the excellent reading and knowledge being passed on here.
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  2. Push the parking sensor button in the center console so the blue light is on, see 18:09 of this video
    Rear sensors are automatic when in reverse, front sensors turn on with this button on low speed forward.
    Note : not really explained well in the manual, just try it and see if that helps.
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  3. Thank you!! I've been going crazy cleaning sensors, going through EVERY setting in every menu, testing different scenarios. I completely forgot about that button. Boy, do I feel stupid! Thanks again.
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  4. The parking sensors blurb in the manual pages 3-113 to 3-120 doesn't make a lot of sense , I prefer the way described in the video above.
  5. The funny thing is, I had watched that video before I picked up the car. Also read the manual before and after picking up the car. Apparently I need a refresher!
  6. Reminds me of a stupid situation I had with a previous new car. I brought it home new, and after driving a few times at night, noticed that the interior was lit up like a xmas tree, and the HU display, nav, etc shone so bright it affected my ability to see outside properly. I read the manual and it said that it should automatically change from day to night lighting, with the HU nav display, etc. But that just wasn't happening with mine. Tried changing settings (whether the display would change by time, or auto night recognition), but nothing had any effect.

    Then I read in the car's forum that others have had the same problem. Turns out there is a manual interior lights dimmer switch, and if you have it clicked on the highest setting, it stays that way, and the car settings don't work. All I had to do was adjust it down one click and everything was good after that. But it sure had me fooled for a while...
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    I'm sorry all, but I'm still missing something with these forward sensors. I am going slowly, and with the console button pushed, but still no warnings. What am I doing wrong???

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  8. With the indicator light on (console button) and 10 kph or less, dash display should glow yellow (middle indicator) beep slowly when 1m away or less, and red ( L or R side indicator)beep faster when 300 mm or less from object. Do the rear ones work?
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    Hi All:
    I watched the video and looked thur the manual and my Kona EV Ultimate (US model) does not have the front sensors and therefore no front parking warning. Makes me sad...all that technology and they cheaped out :(
  10. Do you have the P))) button as described in the video? I also have an Ultimate and I do have the button, so I assume i have the front sensors. Otherwise, what's the button for?

    Kona Buttons.jpg
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    Yes I have the "P" button but it disables the reverse parking distance warning.
    Here is a photo from my owners manual. 20190827_172847.jpg
  12. That image is from 3-114 of Cdn manual, the same image is also on page 3-117 under the (Operation of the Parking Distance Warning Reverse/Forward) system stating "This system will activate when the Parking Distance Warning system button is pressed with the vehicle in the ready mode" along with a distance chart on 3-118. Very confusing like a lot of other parts of the manual.
    If you take the INTERIOR tour (3rd one down) and switch between SEL, Limited and Ultimate you will see the steering wheel heat and forward parking distance buttons "magically" appear on the Ultimate (SEL and Limited are blanks)
    A little fun- If you enable the "Launch 360 degree spin" and scroll in and out you can make the seats about 10' tall and add
    more room in the back:D
    Looks like a limousine
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  13. The way I see it is if you have the heated steering wheel and parking sensor switch on the center console, than you have an Ultimate model which includes the 4 front sensors. One under the charge port, one by the tow hook port and one each under the headlights. Same size as the 4 back sensors in the bumpers about 3/4" round. If you don't have the front sensors and you have the buttons than Hyundai owes you a new nose cone.
    If you have the sensors and still don't work with the button on (blue light enabled) than take it in - maybe they never hooked them up.
    Sorry for stating the obvious I just don't think that has been mentioned yet.
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    I got excited when I read this, but the US versions does not have front sensors. That button is to turn off the rear sensors.

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