Delivery Times for 2019 Canada

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Grego, May 12, 2019.

  1. Might have better luck looking in Alberta (no prov incentives there).
  2. Darcchipmunk

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    Hey, I just spoke with my dealer in Ontario.

    My Kona was not on the most recent shipment into Vancouver that has been mentioned here (which our dealer will be receiving another buyers Kona in early August). He is expecting another shipment to arrive in Ontario sometime late August (so I expect early- to mid-September). From that, I'd assume another shipment should reach Vancouver in the coming 2-3 weeks. Speculation at this point, but better than 2020 estimates that were flying around earlier, from my dealer included.

    We ordered a black preferred in mid-May.
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  3. Wildeyed

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    I quoted you so everyone would know to whom I was referring. Hyundai is selling some vehicles in many markets. I'm not sure they are worried about meeting demand. They may be more interested in assessing demand (for future reference). I find that frustrating too. I found it especially frustrating when I was waiting months for an oft-delayed Kona. I know of no EV carmaker who has consistently "met demand". Even Tesla, an EV-only maker, has/had several thousand people on waiting lists for its products. My point is that Hyundai has products on the road and in the pipeline where a lot of other legacy carmakers have mostly vaporware and delays. I guess I am giving them some credit for their accomplishments while still being well aware of their failures.
  4. electriceddy

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  5. Bill Nguyen

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    Hi Greg,
    Have you receive your Kona Preferred yet?
    I also order same one white color on May 5th and still waiting and have not receive any news yet.
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  7. E-Shark

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    2500 is still better than 0.
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  8. Lex23

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    I wish I knew! I’d be driving one right now

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  9. I've had a Kona Ultimate on order in Kamloops since 2nd week of April. Despite being 'next on the list' I've not been able to get a VIN or an estimated delivery date.

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  10. Melly

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    Call them and inquire. You're paying 50,000, you can pester them for an update.
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  11. E-Shark

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    Went in to my dealer today and they say anybody making a pre-order now, will be for April 2020!!
    If anyone is in the Chilliwack area, Mertin Hyundai has a Demo one for test driving. For those of you who want to make sure you actually like it before you buy it, or pre-order it.

    My salesman was RICK BELLAVANCE, nice pleasant gentleman who doesn't pressure and keeps you updated. E-mail him and I'm sure he can set you up with a Test-drive asap. I'm not sure if telling him E-Shark sent you will get you anything off, but who knows ;)

    If you guys have the means, and the deposit is refundable, put a deposit down at a few dealers in order to be put on their waitlists. As soon as people drop out, or if they get extra vehicles, they go down their lists first.
  12. Kamloops_KoNa

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    Awesome news!
    Came back from camping and Kevin at Kamloops hyundai left a message that my vehicle is in transit on a transport ferry now and they have the VIN!
    I ordered a preferred model in the first week of May.
    Hopefully a few peeps in BC and elsewhere have theirs en route now too
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  13. electriceddy

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    Graphs shows production still under the Dec 2018 max but getting close:
  14. Bill Nguyen

    Bill Nguyen New Member

    Hopefully my kona electric on that ferry too.
    I order white
    hopefully My kona on that ferry too.
    I order white prefered kona electric on may 5th from Port Coquitlam Hyundai. I cannot wait for my Kona electric.
  15. Ugh you two are KILLING me. Ordered May 3rd preferred red and after the last update they said prob January 2020 but now you two have my hopes all up and I wanna email my dealer in Victoria and ask but know if I ask I’m just going to regret asking....
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  16. I've been playing phone-tag with Kevin for a couple of days - maybe, *maybe* he'll have the same good news for me? I *did* send a rather pointed txt msg to the sales associate I'm dealing with. Didn't like being left in the dark. #IAintNoMushroom

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  17. Kamloops_KoNa

    Kamloops_KoNa Member

    Call them! Tell them what you saw here and they might get off their duff and look into it with possibly some good news
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  18. electriceddy

    electriceddy Well-Known Member

    If they don't have a vin# chances are its not built yet, but you might get lucky if someone cancels or financing problem
    Good luck!
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  19. Melly

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    Just texted my guy today to try to get an update. Was told a month ago that maybe September for delivery.

    No ETA yet they said, but should have it soon? They said they will call me when they have VIN.

    Sad face.
  20. Yeah few weeks ago when I did a follow up after the last week of April orders seemed to be arriving and they said it was looking more like Jan 2020 :-( I don’t wanna email again and find out March 2025. Preferred red May 3rd for me so will just wait and see what they say if anything and not get my hopes up too much or dashed ha
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