Delivery time for 2020 Kona Canada!

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Rover, Jan 20, 2020.

  1. Harvey

    Harvey Member

    yes, quebec is a zero emission state like california, and what other states there are.
    i THINK bc has adopted the zero emission standard as well.
    that gives them first consideration for zev vehicles.
    still up to the manufacturers to how they distribute them though.
  2. Derrick Goobie

    Derrick Goobie New Member

    ordered June 2019, still no sign of delivery and no word from Hyundai
  3. Derrick Goobie

    Derrick Goobie New Member

    I am almost 9 months and no word, in Ontario
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  4. I'm amazed after going through the pre-order process in 2018 that Hyundai's processes haven't improved in the least. Disheartening.
  5. Kona6472

    Kona6472 New Member

    Ordered 10-11 recieved 13-12 in the Netherlands.

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  6. HydrogenCyanide

    HydrogenCyanide New Member

    Any recent deliveries in Canada?
  7. HydrogenCyanide

    HydrogenCyanide New Member

    I just got a call form my Dealer stating that they are now anticipating an August delivery. The line in south Korea is at a full stop as they don't have certain parts that normally come from China. This is a result apparently of the Corona Virus. Who knows though. Just passing the information along.

    Once again, I am in Ontario.
  8. It was announced quite publicly that they were stopping production on 07 Feb because of a break in the supply of wiring looms from China. They might possibly have restarted production but the news reports today have said that they have one worker with the virus.
  9. canadianclub

    canadianclub New Member

    The factory where a case of corona virus was found does not produce the Kona according to multiple sources (just Palisade, Tucson, Safta Fe and Genesis). Feel bad for all those affected but am still excited to get mine sometime this year...

    Haven't heard anything yet on my order from January in Ontario
  10. Pelliott

    Pelliott New Member

    We ordered on Nov 14 '19 an Ultimate in Nova Scotia. Was originally told May/June delivery, but hopefully sooner. Just emailed this week and am now being told August as well...
  11. Current wait list at local dealer is 8-10 months, I was told they are now taking orders for 2021 model:eek:
  12. Lex23

    Lex23 Member

    Yeah, not as strong.. but there is a plan.

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  13. 1stKonaEV

    1stKonaEV New Member

    Ordered the Ultimate version Sept. 9 2019, Montreal, Canada and was already told about 8 months, still no information if it is on production right now, also wondering if it will be the 2020 version with 10" display and if will be built in Korea or in Europe. If anyone have answers to this.. tks
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  14. It will be made in Korea and should be a 2020 model c/w 10" display.:)

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