Dead Kona EV!

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  1. I think your safe as it seems pretty specific in the regulation:

    Prescribed electronic devices
    3 (1)The following electronic devices are prescribed for the purposes of paragraph (c) of the definition of "electronic device" in section 214.1 of the Act:

    (a)electronic devices that include a hands-free telephone function;

    (b)global positioning systems;

    (c)hand-held electronic devices, one of the purposes of which is to process or compute data;

    (d)hand-held audio players;

    (e)hand microphones;


    (2)In subsection (1), "hand microphone" means a communication device consisting of a hand-held unit that

    (a)is both receiver and microphone,

    (b)is operated by a push and hold-to-talk function, and

    (c)allows for oral communication, but not for the transmission and receipt of oral communication at the same time.

    Ie telephone function;

  2. With the meter maybe, but not with a phone.
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    Distracted driving can be as simply as changing the radio station and admitting to it.
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    Im surprised, they dont have smart watches in there. Hehehe
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    There are some safety zealots who advocate removal of the dynamicly changing maps from the navi, as they can be distracting.
  6. Good for nothing do-gooders...
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    As far as I know, here in BC you can have a phone mounted in a cradle and it should be okay.

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  8. With all the wildlife on the roads it probably better to avoid this:

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  9. It's been over three weeks since my car died and I've heard nothing. They said that they were going to order a "hybrid power unit" based on error codes they pulled and in consultation with Hyundai engineers. I don't know why it's taking so long. They said the part was on the shelf in Korea and available. Apparently Hyundai has never heard of overnight shipping and prefers boats or something! On a side note, last week I got a call from the dealership "reminding" me of my (nonexistent) 18000km service. This while my car sits in the dealership gathering dust. Not impressed. Again.
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    Just out of curiosity.... What car did the dealer provide you with while they are keeping in your car?
  11. 2020 Elantra through a rental agency. I kind of hoped they'd loan me a Ioniq out of their lot inventory but no luck.
  12. Perhaps someone can chime in with access to a service manual and enlighten us on what a "Hybrid power unit " is.
    As far as I understand it the 12V battery is recharged via the HV pack thru a dc to dc converter integral within the pack, but I may be wrong... would like to see the schematic displaying this info.
    If it is a small module that can easily be changed without the removal of the pack than I would think air freight would be a superior method of shipping - covered of course by Hyundai. A small token of appreciation considering the premium price we paid for the car.
    I am surprised you are taking this delay so casually- seems contrary to the usual Wildeyed spirit;)
  13. My "spirit" is alive just on a slow boil! Don't forget that I survived months of being jerked around. I've been conditioned to breeze through a few weeks. But they will be getting a call and a piece of my mind on the one month anniversary.
  14. By "hybrid power unit" I suspect they are referring to the Power Control Unit (PCU) or EPCU for use in motor-driven hybrid and electric vehicles. PCU typically consists of three components: an inverter to power the motor, a boost converter to increase voltage, and a DCDC converter to lower voltage. The following picture is of the Ioniq EV, its very similar to the Kona just mounted lower to the front of the motor bay. Its definitely independent of the traction battery pack.

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  15. Hopefully that's the case here, looks less involved to replace than if it were within the pack, but still a substantial repair probably involving draining the coolant and pack disconnection.
  16. If your guess about this component is correct can you confirm that if this part we're malfunctioning it could result in a dead 12volt battery? That was how it first presented itself.
  17. That would be the DC to DC converter portion.
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    You're doing great!
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  19. Got a call yesterday that they had repaired the car and am picking it up Monday. I hope to speak with the tech to get a full report about what went wrong and will report back. One month without the car was a long time. I hope this is the end of this.
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  20. Great news, back to simmer I guess:)
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