Clarity EV charge has dropped

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by campton1, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. Viking79

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    For those noticing range loss in mild temps, in addition to any changes in driving style, remember that the battery itself will be less efficient at 50 F than 75 F. If the car parks outside the battery will be cooler. You could try setting it up so it completes charge about when you need to use it so the battery is warmer, but not sure it would be enough.

    You can try turning the climate system off to see if it is eating into range (watch for fogging if you and be ready to turn on defroster). Check tire pressures, they drop about 1 psi per 10 F.
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  2. Teamchang

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    I hope that’s the case. Not sure if I should be worried about my battery health. Please keep updating if it’s not too much trouble so I know I’m not alone in my experience.
  3. MNSteve

    MNSteve Well-Known Member

    My EV range has dropped into the 20s here in the frozen northland. This is perhaps the only unpleasant surprise that the Clarity has given me. I still manage to get my local errands done in EV but I did not realize that the reduction in range would be this much. Ah, another thing to hate about Winter.
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  4. d99

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    I have a Clarity PHEV purchased about 1.5 years ago. I live in Northern California - our winters are very mild. I was getting a steady 42-47 miles per charge up until November. At that time, I had the car serviced. They performed several recalls on it. Mileage dropped immediately to higher thirties and then as low as 30 miles at the peak of our winter.

    Now that the warm weather is back, the mileage NEVER came back. Nothing has changed in my driving habits. Mileage still ranges between about 31-38. The dealer checked the vehicle and claims nothing is wrong. He says that other PHEV's are getting about the same as what I am seeing.

    So, yes, the cold weather is a contributing factor but something else is going wrong. I think they made software changes to protect the battery.
  5. jdonalds

    jdonalds Well-Known Member

    I'm right there with you. In April when I expected the car (we live in Redding) to start showing increased EV Range it dropped. Now, pretty much ignoring the ambient temperature, the car is averaging 41 miles of EV Range, both estimated and actual. At this time of year I'd expect 48-53 miles of EV range. I took the car to Crown motors but they gave me the same story; that the car is behaving normally. Something is wrong and I fear when cold weather returns the car won't be able to serve us 100% in EV as it has the past two winters.

    The Honda dealer dumped data from the car which shows the Battery Capacity is at 49.6. I understand a new battery would measure about 55. This is a 10% drop in battery capacity. I do not believe this is normal. I'm stuck without recourse at this point.
  6. Richard_arch74

    Richard_arch74 Active Member

    I can see why you believe that one or more of the updates or service bulletins has caused your available range to decrease remarkably. Can you tell us which service bulletins were performed? Is your traction battery taking in, on a 0 to full charge, the same Kw's as it did before?
    I'm thinking that I want to take some screen shots of Kw input from 0 to full charges and Ev range before (or IF) I take mine in for it's updates.
    So far I am absolutely pleased with my Claire's performance and range without any SB's being performed.

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  7. qtpie

    qtpie Active Member

    Same here... our car is also about 1.5 years. We've seen 42-46 miles range after a full charge, eventhough the weather is warm in Northern California. Last year, we've seen number in 50+. Either the battery has degraded or software update is showing different numbers nowadays.
  8. MNSteve

    MNSteve Well-Known Member

    There are two possible explanations for what you are observing. Either there really is less EV range, or the algorithm that produces the display of EV range has changed.

    As Richard suggested, it would be useful to know if a full charge represents the same amount of energy as it used to. If the battery has degraded, or if they changed the charging algorithm to reduce the amount of usable capacity, a charge now will be less Kw than it was before. We cannot know this if you don't have any record of previous charges. (Note to self: Capture data now on charge statistics.)

    Have you compared the actual EV miles you can drive with the estimate on the display? This is also an imperfect measure in that driving conditions will affect the accuracy of the estimate, and historical data is needed to make things meaningful.
  9. leop

    leop Member

    I think that the Fall update where the climate control module was replaced changed the cooling algorithm. We, too, were getting much less EV range than last summer when the AC was operating. Then, I switched the AC to the "Lo" temp setting and used the fan speed to control the cabin comfort (as we had to do in older cars before the AC system had a temperature setting. Bingo, the EV range is pretty much back to what it was last summer.

    I think that the climate module update changed the algorithm to use more heating to adjust the AC outlet temperature than previously was the case. And, yes, I have tried going back to not using "Lo" and the EV mileage decreases. I do see a slight reduction in the EV mileage after a charge this year and I think that the traction battery has degraded a bit. The next time I go to the dealer for a software update (I still need the charging update), I will ask for the traction battery capacity to be measured again.

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  10. Richard_arch74

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    As @MNSteve said "Note to self: Capture data now on charge statistics.)" I will be tracking my Kw input from 0 SOC to full SOC and then driving on flat terrain surface streets from a full SOC to 0 SOC with consistent driving for a period of time. If I drive the same 60 mile round trip route (75-80°F temps, 45mph, about 60 miles, with no traffic, with calm winds, with no AC), I should get consistent results. At least I'll have a record of EV range prior to my
    climate module SB work. When I get my climate module work done I will compare actual EV range and Kw input.
    I know. . . , obsessive compulsive.

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  11. MajorAward

    MajorAward Active Member

    I'm willing to bet you're not alone on this forum:)
  12. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    That is possible, mine was manufactured 11/18 and I think came with all the current updates, at least the October ones that people refer to. I can hear the heater switching on in fact as a separate topic I think I may have an issue because it is loud enough that I notice it but no one else has mentioned it even when I have brought it up before. Then again few people mention the tick sound from the solenoid whenever the brake pedal is pressed which I assume everyone gets? The heater switch for me is a similar sound level. It sounds like it comes from the passenger footwell. Not saying that's where the heater switch is but that's where the sound seems to emanate from.

    When it happens it is a rapid and annoying sound that can last for several minutes. By rapid I mean like maybe three or four times per second. The sound is sort of a combination of a tick and a scratching sound, sorry that's the best I can do for now describing it. It took me awhile to figure out it is from the heater switching on, at least I think that is what it is as I can make it go away by lowering the temperature colder than I prefer. Also I can duplicate it, at least I can make a similar sound, by repeatedly changing the set temperature. I can usually find the exact temp set point, let's say 72, and when I rotate the dial to 71 it tick/scratches, when I rotate back to 72 it tick/scratches, and I can go back and forth between 71 and 72 and the tick/scratch sound repeats each time I change it. If I go below 71 I can change the temperature silently, other than the sound of the changing fan speed.

    So what I think happens is when I am hearing the sound seemingly randomly, which I don't hear all the time, the cabin temperature is right on the threshold and it is automatically and rapidly going back and forth with the heat. I keep thinking maybe that is normal to do that but mine is noisier than other people's car, otherwise I'm sure someone else would have mentioned it. Or else it's not normal to rapidly go back and forth. My EV range is generally good in the upper 50's, but maybe it should be better. Someone mentioned a heater fuse and that sure got my attention, if I can find it and if removing the fuse doesn't cause anything else not to work, I will see if the sound goes away and if maybe my EV range goes up as well. Then in fall I could put the fuse back in.
  13. bpratt

    bpratt Active Member

    My car was manufactured on 10/17 and I purchased it 12/17. In December 2018 I had all service bulletins installed except 18-097. During the warmer weather in 2018 my EV mileage would read and get between 60 and 65 miles. Now that the weather is warmer in 2019, I am getting about the same EV mileage. Unless SB 18-097 is the cause of lower mileage readings, I don't believe the Service Bulletins have any effect. At least they didn't on my car.
  14. Sandroad

    Sandroad Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Mine has stayed at the expected range for the season for a year and half. Back up to 66 mpc this month according to the GOM.
  15. MajorAward

    MajorAward Active Member

    Do you drive in normal, economy, or sport mode most of the time? I use normal, but have never seen higher than 54 on the GOM. Can't wait for the day when I see 60+.
  16. bfd

    bfd Active Member

    I wonder if what people are seeing is the result of 18 months worth of data that the "guess-o-meter" has to work with now… there is probably a way to "reset" the memory on that data (probably involving disconnecting the 12V battery). Heat (as well as cold) also both impact the range. We've had our Clarity since Dec.'17, and it's still between 45-50 miles on the est. EV range after a "full" charge. One exception is that after a trip to the local mountains, it'll jump to the low 60s for a few charges, but it always falls back to the expected range. We haven't really had the heat yet in the far southwest corner, but it's coming - I suspect we'll soon start seeing higher average temps that'll stay that way until November. What I've noticed after about 10 years of owning these PHEVs and our EV is that heat has almost the same affect on estimated range as cold. We're lucky that we don't have the high heat that others have, but the average creeps up into the high 70s between August and November. We'll see lots of 80s and 90's, and it won't cool off at night (like it does in the early part of the summer).

    I recall reading about lots of folks on PriusChat who apparently disconnected their 12V on a fairly regular basis just to get their estimated EV range back into the double digits (like 12 miles - LOL)
  17. I use SPORT exclusively. I’ve been seeing 49 to 56 est EV miles on a full charge in this summer heat with AC on. I can exceed that slightly on secondary roads, but come up a bit short if interstates are involved.
  18. jdonalds

    jdonalds Well-Known Member

    I'm getting 41. My car is broken I'm sure. Just not enough for Honda to do anything about it. They call this "normal". I'm not happy.
  19. Raymondca

    Raymondca Member

    My record so far is 59 miles (95km). Normally it's around 54. I hope I can make it 62 (100km) for once. Since the algorithm is based on the last EV trip, if I start with full, find a perfect route and drive economically with a lot of regeneration maneuvers until I use up all the battery. I should be able to see a new record when it's recharged. But I don't want to do it just for the sake of proving it.
  20. MajorAward

    MajorAward Active Member

    I've only had mine a few months, but I believe the lowest was 45 charging for the first time getting it home from the dealership. I would expect lower in colder temps, but 41 seems low for this time of year.

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