Can’t adjust sound in Apple CarPlay

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by KClark, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. KClark

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    I’m still exploring my new clarity, today I used Apple CarPlay for the first time. I was navigating using Google Maps. The voice assist was extremely loud and I couldn’t figure out anyway to change the volume. I tried reducing the audio volume and nothing changed , I tried reducing the actual phone’s volume and nothing changed I tried finding a menu without success. Is there a way to change Apple CarPlay volume?
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  2. WantEV

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    that's odd.. on mine (also car play), if I change volume while the navigation person is speaking, it changes volume for that. I think it is separate from music volume.
  3. insightman

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  4. KClark

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    I have to admit I didn’t adjust volume exactly when voice assist was speaking, and that android thread seems to be the opposite of mine. I could adjust radio sound while navigating but not the navigation sound. They had problems with entertainment sounds and could only adjust navigation sound. I’ll have to experiment more.
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    I can confirm that if you want to adjust the volume on CarPlay, you need to do it while the voice is speaking. You get a different volume scale (caps at 11) instead of the one that controls the volume for your music.

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  6. That’s why it’s louder, it goes to 11. I wonder if you can get Nigel Tufnel’s voice on Waze for iOS?.....

    (Yes, a Spinal Tap joke)
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