Buying the Kona EV 2019

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Patrice Koffi, Oct 17, 2019.

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  1. Patrice Koffi

    Patrice Koffi New Member

    I want to buy a 2019 Kona ev. What is the best way to go about buying it? Should I buy it online using the information from the website to get a better price? Or, should I go to the dealership to bargain with the dealer? Because some dealerships have marked down prices. Also, when I buy the car do I have to buy the maintenance package from the dealer for routine check-out, or not?
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  3. You fortunate to have dealer stock in the US, I would personally just negotiate at the dealer level. You don't have to buy any additional maintenance or incidental add ons, they are typically a bad deal for you. Seek wisdom from the manual for required service and buy your service a la carte.
  4. FloridaSun

    FloridaSun Well-Known Member

    I would suggest that you go to autotrader or and search for new Kona Electrics. You can sort by distance to you or price.. That's how I found mine. Paid $2200 below MSRP. Kona Electrics are not sold where I live, so I flew up to Maryland, bought the car and drove it home to Florida. Very simple process.
  5. Francois

    Francois Active Member

    I've learned recently, too late for me to use one, that there is such a thing as a car purchase broker.

    Just like with an insurance broker, you tell him/her what you want and it becomes the broker's job that find you the best price and the best interest rate for your car loan (assuming you are not paying the car in full on day one).
  6. I can tell you that dealers in upstate NY are offering discounts.
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  8. ericy

    ericy Well-Known Member

    What I discovered is that dealers offer small discounts, but you look at the fine print, and the price they advertise does not include freight or something else that they have to add back in. Ultimately it is still somewhat less than MSRP, but not as much as you might think.

    One dealer would quote prices that include discounts for military, recent college grads, first responder, and anything else that Hyundai had. Which the vast majority of people don't qualify for, so the number they quote is unrealistic.
  9. FloridaSun

    FloridaSun Well-Known Member

    I always ask per e-mail for a final price after all dealer associated fees. Massey Hyundai in Hagerstown/MD gave me such price and that was exactly the amount I paid. Showing freight as a discount of MSRP is a scam as destination fee (freight) is part of the MSRP. I wouldn't do business with any dealers dpong that.
  10. JumpingIntoEV

    JumpingIntoEV New Member

    When I bought mine 2 months ago in Buffalo NY, the dealer I originally went to, came right out with 'we don't discount the Kona EV as demand exceeds supply'. But if that was really the case, why did they, and other local dealers, still have 2-4 Kona EVs on their lots? If a vehicle is really that 'hot' you will likely see one or zero at each dealer. Or if they have just one, it is being used as a demonstrator and has several hundred miles on it. You will hear that people are on waiting lists for months to get a vehicle. But that was not the case here in WNY. Driving to another dealer 15 miles away, I bought the exact same vehicle for over $2,000+ less without haggling. Add in the Federal tax credit and NY State's $2,000, and (sadly) NY sales tax, and my Kona EV became a $28,000 vehicle. For $28,000 I think it's a great buy.

    Definitely shop around. I put a lot of miles on my cars and thus have had to turn them over pretty frequently over the years. I like the 'research' element of finding the right car make/model/options for me, but hate the haggling and other hassles of actually completing the purchase. But as long as my expectations for what the final all-in price are realistic, I have always found a dealer (quickly) who could meet those expectations. Just research and be realistic with your expectations.
  11. I think you guys on the East Coast are lucky.. here in San Jose, CA, almost all dealers are marking the car up at anywhere from $2.5k - $5k.
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  13. I just looked on the Hyundai web site and there are 126 available in the Los Angeles, CA, area. I didn't have any problem finding what I wanted when I bought in June.
  14. Hmm.. maybe it's a local problem in SJ then. I had to get my Kona swapped from a dealer 2 hours away in order to get it for MSRP.
  15. downshift00

    downshift00 New Member

    If anyone is looking for a used 2019 Kona EV, I am selling mine. I came across a great deal on a Tesla 3 Performance that I couldn't pass up. So I am trying to get out of my lease by selling the Kona outright. Hyundai doesn't allow lease takeovers so I have to try to sell it. It is Sonic Silver, 5600 miles. Excellent condition. Have gotten 4.5mi/kw for the past 5600 miles. The buyout right now is 36k. If anyone is interested, contact me. I am in southern NJ. Thanks.

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  16. Francois

    Francois Active Member

    You should probably indicate if it is the ultimate or preferred.
  17. downshift00

    downshift00 New Member

    Ooops, I knew I forgot something. It is the Limited model, which is between the base and Ultimate. Has sunroof and leather.
  18. Jimct

    Jimct Active Member

    If you don't think you'll log a lot of miles you should consider leasing. The technology is changing so fast you'll want to upgrade regularly. Also, the 100,000 mile warranty on the battery only applies to the original owner, my understanding, which impacts the trade-in/resale value. We don't plan to drive it more than 10k per year so the lease option works for us. At least discuss with a dealer.

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