Bolt EV range nudges past Kona EV

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by R P, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. Seeing as LG makes both battery packs my guess is a software change (somewhat like Tesla did) a little more from the top end reserve (higher voltage) JMHO
    I still wouldn't buy one, even if it had 100 miles more range- the seat bolsters were extremely uncomfortable when I drove one, I was relieved to get out of it!
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    Yes, the word "nudges" certainly describes it.....not a big deal. GM is going to have to put more effort into it than just a slight range boost. IF the figure had
    been 300....THAT would have gotten much more attention. I still think the very best approach for GM would be to establish their own convenient and reliable fast charging network not rely on others to do it. Tesla got it right and their network is a major draw to their products for people that want to travel with their cars.
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    All I know is that sitting in a Bolt for longer won't do anything good to your bum and back hahah :p. Those seats are noooooot comfortable
  4. The chinzty interior, uncomfortable seats and cheap rear torsion beam vs independent suspension on the Kona were deciding turn offs for me.
    The new Chevy UTV looks cool but still no independent rear suspension.
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