Body side moldings and floor liners?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Ohliuw, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. Ohliuw

    Ohliuw Member

    I am prepping my shopping list for things to install on the clarity, and was wondering if anyone had installed the body side moldings 08P05-TRT?

    Do they really provide ding protection? They kind of seem to be a little bit low?

    Also, any opinions on the weather tech floor mats? Mine will come with the Honda all weather mats, but I am not sold on the Honda design under the pedals with the 5 months of slushy Canadian weather.

  2. Nemesis

    Nemesis Member

    I have the body side molding since purchasing my Clarity in March 2018 and give them a thumbs up. They will not protect your car from every door ding because different car doors have many shapes with varying impact zones but they do work. Also, your front and rear fenders are left to the mercy of how you and the other person may park. Long winded, I would recommend them.
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  3. GV Ottawa

    GV Ottawa Member

    I live in Ottawa and have thus gone through one full heavy and cold winter. I had no problems at all with the Honda supplied winter floor mats and don't believe anything else is necessary. I also do have the body side moldings and believe they have helped to-date. Thus I'd echo Nemesis' recommendation for the moldings.
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  4. Ohliuw

    Ohliuw Member

    Thanks, I am in Gatineau, so I will stick to the Honda provided liners based on your experience.

    I will also buy and install the moldings
  5. Sandroad

    Sandroad Well-Known Member

  6. Mowcowbell

    Mowcowbell Active Member

    While the floor mats are very useful, I found that any body side moldings look ugly and no matter where they cover, someone's door will ding you either above or below the molding, rendering it useless.
  7. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    You definitely need to skip or upgrade the OEM mud mats. I got the WeatherTech ones and they fit like a glove but don’t cover the small battery hump in front of the seats and don’t protect the vehicle carpet on the left side driver’s foot rest. So they do a good job of keeping mud and slush contained but don’t have the coverage I’ve come to expect from WeatherTech.
    I think I would rather have had the TuxMats. Also the rear WeatherTech ones don’t cover the rear center hump but the TuxMats do.
    However the WeatherTech trunk liner looks like a winner with full coverage and I am ordering it.
  8. Ohliuw

    Ohliuw Member

    That was exactly my impression - Honda’s look like they miss coverage under the pedals, Weathertech fall short close to the seat. I will check the Tux.

    What’s the cheapest place to get them? Costco has them for $200CAD, but I will be picking up some accessories from ogdensbugh, so I might as well ship them there if there is good price in US.
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  9. KClark

    KClark Active Member

    I just bought the 3D maxpider kagu floor mats. Even though I don’t need all weather protection I wanted more coverage over the hump that rises up near the seat front edge. The maxpiders don’t have the industrial bare rubber look of the Weathertechs or Tuxmats and i got them for 20% off on a sale at AutoAnything, $78 for the front seats. They haven’t arrived yet so I don’t know what they look like in person.
  10. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    The no-ding solution that's worked for 20 years with my aluminum Insights and our aluminum-doored Clarity is hinterlanding--the practice of parking your car so far away (even in a nearby, less-crowded parking lot) that nobody will park next to you. It's not always possible, but when you can do it the extra steps provide a health benefit, too.
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  11. Lurker2019

    Lurker2019 New Member

    I just installed the side moldings and the chrome accent this week. Love it. See picture below for details. Just FYI, if you want to install the door edge film
    (Part# 08P20-TRT-100), do it before you install the side moldings and the chrome accent.

    2019-07 Clarity Side Moldings Pic.jpg

    It's not designed to protect against dings from flying debris. However, it should provide good coverage against an errant door edge from the sedan parked next to you (molding may be too low to protect against a SUV door).

    I did a lot of research on this and ended up getting the TuxMat Custom Mats for Clarity. The interlocking pieces are great and provide total protection. Definitely worth every penny I spent on it. I bought mine on Amazon but I heard there might be better deals elsewhere.

    Good luck and have fun!
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  12. JohnT

    JohnT Member

    TUXMATS (Canadian actually - Toronto company, made in China .. either direct or Costco if they still carry them)
    and side moldings.. Kingston Ont - and the Tuxmats work! Cheers
  13. Ken7

    Ken7 Active Member

    A second vote for the Maxpider mats. I have them on both my Tesla and Clarity. From both an appearance and functionality standpoint, I haven’t found better mats and I’ve used Weathertechs for years.
  14. KClark

    KClark Active Member

    The maxpider floor mats were delivered today and I’m impressed. They fit perfectly they cover everything they have no smell of rubber and they are very lightweight. I think they’re very attractive. They call the finish carbon fiber and that’s sort of a good explanation. It’s very slightly pebbly with no shine, they are unobtrusive in a good way.
  15. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    The Tuxmats don't look industrial, they have sort of a pseudo-leather appearance and look somewhat formal. Especially in comparison to the OEM all weather mats that came with the car, just looking at those made me think it was winter even when it was 90 degrees outside. The Tuxmats look good enough to use year round which is what I am using them for.

    Had not heard of the Maxpider's I just checked them out and they do look pretty good, a little less formal looking than Tuxmat which some people might prefer.
  16. KClark

    KClark Active Member

    Good to know, I was basing my opinion on YouTube videos and not personal experience. Living in Los Angeles I don’t need much winter weather protection. 3D has what they call their classic line which is carpet, I would have bought that but they don’t make them for the Clarity. But the Kagu line has a carpet like appearance, a matte finish that kind of disappears.
  17. Lurker2019

    Lurker2019 New Member

    Here's what Tuxmat looks like in my Clarity:

    Interior 1 - Front with Tuxmat.jpg Interior 2 - Back with Tuxmat.jpg

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