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  1. Here in Canada the web version is slow but works, the android app seems worse. The default time out for a climate control change is too short and it just gives up.
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  2. My wife and I both got a pop-up a day or two ago when we remote-started the car. Said that we needed to toggle the face/finger recognition function in the Bluelink app settings menu. Did that and it's back to working fine. I didn't realize there was an update, but that makes sense.

    It would be interesting to see what are the common traits between folks who have a lot of trouble with the app, since it sounds like some people have nothing but trouble, and others rarely have any problems at all. Is it operating system? Country? Trim Level? Cell provider?

    I agree that a bluetooth or wifi connection on the part of the car would be an improvement. It takes about 10 seconds for the app to retrieve charge settings from the car, and then to send a start or unlock signal to the car. If it could connect to our wifi network at home I imagine that would be much faster.
  3. Yes, very much so - I was going to post this question myself (reporting from the US here; remember Canadian app is different).

    I noticed the 'Climate Start' widget on Android now allows fingerprint unlock (if your phone has that) but it now results in a 'Failure!' message every time - even if I enter my PIN manually instead.
  4. SkookumPete

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    Seems to be a bug where a time out is thrown as soon as the settings screen appears.
  5. On my app, only the remote heating isn't working. Remote horn/lights/door lock, etc. all seem to work.
  6. I was confused by mine as well. When I select "REMOTE START", the next screen has the TEMP settings, etc. for when the car is supposed to start. I ALWAYS get an error after selecting SUBMIT ... however, the HEATER actually DOES kick on.. This app (and BlueLink) is so buggy... I hope the Developers are reading about these issues. 'cause when my 3 year freebie is up, I won't be SUBSCRIBING to this flakey service.
  7. Looks like the problem with remote start is that they fixed a bug. I now can't preheat unless the car is plugged in, which is how it was always supposed to work, but for almost a year now I've been able to preheat even when not plugged in. I'm going to miss that.
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    I've had a similar error message on the (android) phone app that it didn't work, but then the car is warm and the steering wheel heat is on, as per the settings.
  9. Honestly, that makes no sense. Requiring to be PLUGGED IN to be able to use the Remote Start feature(s) ?? Where did you find that info that they "fixed a bug" and removed that feature? I actually think it's not functioning properly BECAUSE of a BUG ...
  10. I called Bluelink support today about this. I told the tech how I've used the Remote Climate Start (aka 'Remote Start' on the Kona EV) app on Android since I got the car in June, and that it stopped working with the latest update. I explained that I can perform all remote functions from the website (including Remote Climate Start), but from the Android app every remote function except Remote Climate Start works. Even Remote Climate Stop works, after starting it from the web!

    After excusing himself to do some 'research', the tech came back and told me the reason that I could not use Remote Start is because my car did not have that functionality! After trying for a bit to convince him of the inanity of that statement (to no avail - he acted as if the time during which it did work was just an accidental 'bonus' for me), I asked to speak to his supervisor. She quickly admitted that there was a problem with the last app update and that it was being fixed.
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  11. Yea, I got that same response about a month ago when I called them complaining about the "START" feature not working. The canned response was the same : "Your car doesn't have that functionality." ... ugh .. NOT TRUE.

    This BlueLink thing is VERY problematic. How can they even believe people are willing to pay $30/month (USD) for this horrific service. (when the subscripton expires.) And they don't seem to LISTEN to customers complaints.
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    If the American app has a "Remote Start" button, that in itself would be a bug.
  13. Huh ?? see attached ... I guess I have the BUG ... SMH ...

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    I think b*itching to bluelink support is going to do squat. Complaints or petitions need to goto Hyundai Corporate.
    Later today I'm writing them and telling them, one of the major reasons I liked the Kona was the remote climate. My next EV might just be a Tesla cuz they can get a simple sw application to work.
    I can maximize my range by preheating the Kona, cuz at least I can go a distance without turning on the heat.
  15. SkookumPete

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    Clearly they cheaped out and didn’t create a different interface for EVs. The Canadian version doesn't work any better but is at least less confusing for users and tech support. And yes, a mislabelled control counts as a bug.
  16. I was wrong. I accidentally hit "charge" instead of remote start which is why I got the "you must be plugged in" notice. My previous car was the Soul EV and that car only preheats when plugged in so I thought the Kona was going in the same direction. Sorry for any confusion.
  17. That makes more sense... Thanks for the update.
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    I've noticed this recently as it warmed up here in southern California. All functions work except remote start of climate control. Works fine through the web site. Really stinks and hopefully its fixed by summer!
  19. Yeah, I'm getting an error message too. I hope it'll be fixed soon, right now I don't need it, but it's going to be getting hot here in Vegas soon! I'll need it daily.
  20. XtsKonaTrooper

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    I solved my preheating issue with this stupid dysfunctional bluelink app. I bought a 12v electric blanket for long trips. I am getting it today, so I dont know how much of a amp draw it will use. Failing if it impacts range, I have a nice size battery bank/booster that will supply juice to the blanket.

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