At home charging Hyundai Sonatam PHEV

Discussion in 'Hyundai/Kia' started by james e Hunt, Feb 19, 2020.

  1. james e Hunt

    james e Hunt New Member

    Notwithstanding manufacturers warnings to the contrary, I need to extend the reach of the Level 1 charger supplied by the OEM. In need a short run (10-15 ft) from a 120V common receptical located near the garage door opener. What is the minimum gauge extension I should use noting that it would have to be standard 3-wire grounded plug? I am thinking 12-3 as most 10-3 are twist plugs.
  2. marshall

    marshall Active Member

    A 12-3 will work just fine. Physical damage to the extension cord and tripping over it are your biggest issues.
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