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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by JedK, Feb 4, 2020.

  1. JedK

    JedK New Member

    Just an observation.

    I've had my Kona now for about 6 months and still have not seen another Kona EV on the road. I look all the time. I see other Kona vehicles, but none of them are electric. I'm sure they're out there. The dealer had three of them when I bought mine.

    Jed K
  2. Esprit1st

    Esprit1st Well-Known Member

    Haha, yeah. Same here in Vegas. I met another local Kona at the drive electric week. But other than that only shadows (check-ins on plugshare)
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  3. I live in Sonoma County, California, USA. We are a bastion of EV acceptance and availability. I have had the Kona for like a month now, and have had multiple other Kona EV's park next to me on numerous occasions, including at a party! Lots of them around here.
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  4. Here in CT (just across the sound), I see another one on a regular basis. Likes to charge at the same free L2 charging stations that I frequent. They have an Uber emblem on the window. Smart use of an EV.
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  5. KonaScot

    KonaScot New Member

    I've got one (leased at the end of December) here in Westchester. Had a devil of a time getting a 2020 but we got one.....
  6. HappyKonaGirl

    HappyKonaGirl New Member

    I’m in NJ & have never seen another on the road. I drive a lot (23000 mi so far) & have had the car since 3/29/19. I know they are out there.

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  7. BlueKonaEV

    BlueKonaEV Well-Known Member

    All the Kona guys from Long Island are here in Florida for the Winter.
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  8. KonaScot

    KonaScot New Member

    It's like the winter hatch of Teslas around Westchester.... The place is crawling with them.
  9. BlueKonaEV

    BlueKonaEV Well-Known Member

    There are plenty of Kona check ins in Florida but most of them are from snowbirds and vacationers. I doubt that there are more than 10 Konas registered in Florida.. I personally know of 3.
  10. ericy

    ericy Active Member

    I have yet to see another Kona in Delaware. We get lots of tourists in the summer, and if they drive an EV they have to figure out where to charge. Not many hotels offer charging, not many rental properties do either - an outlet for a granny cable is the best you will usually do. At our house, we have an EVSE - othere local EV owners sometimes offer up their EVSE to help out tourists in need of a charge.. There are a handful of DCFC (mostly ChargePoint - nearest is 30 miles away), and there is just one Tesla supercharger in town.
  11. hobbit

    hobbit Active Member

    I might have been a "snowbird Kona" a while back but I took a look
    at the rapid-charge picture between here and there and said "NFW".

  12. I'm on an "island" too, in the far corner of the world in a town of 60k pop. I bought the first Kona EV sold here but now there are about a half dozen more, mostly in corporate fleets with branding. I see one on the road or at the nearby DCFC about every second day. The arrival of the Model 3 last Sept has effectively killed off further sales and now Kona Evs just sit on the dealer's lots.
  13. JedK

    JedK New Member

    Hyundai doesn't market the car. In general, car manufacturers (even Tesla) almost never (maybe even never) have commercials for their EVs. In Europe, (probably because of gov't mandates on fuel efficiency) they're all the rage, but here in the US, they're for techies and environmentalists. We're actually going the other direction on fossil fuel for cars where we are relaxing our requirements, and that will hurt the US EV market (not to mention the environment)
  14. TheLight75

    TheLight75 Active Member

    I've probably come across about 10-12 other Kona EVs over the past 9 months. I came across 2 of them on the same day last month when I was in Montreal. In the past 2 months, there's another regular one that's popped up in my office building parking. It seems like every week, I'm running across more and more EV's whether they be Kona's, Tesla's, Bolts, Volts, or whatever.
  15. JedK

    JedK New Member

    I do see Teslas all over the place; especially the model 3. Seen a few Bolts and Volts. No Konas though :(
  16. Stickyman

    Stickyman New Member

    I am on Long Island as well. I have seen two so far.

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