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Discussion in 'General' started by Clamps, Apr 7, 2021.

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  1. I'm rarely in step with popular trends when it comes to vehicles, it's why I had such a hard time picking my EV. Without getting too specific when it comes to design and details I made a short list of what I would like in an EV.

    Range: 300 miles (normal highway driving)

    Charge time: 10-80% in twenty minutes

    Size/style: Small hatchback

    Color: Vibrant or tertiary hues

    Curious what others want in their ideal EV under these general parameters. If you can think of other basic parameters add them to your list if you wish to participate. I may edit and add to my list too.
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  3. marshall

    marshall Active Member

    Winter Range: 150 miles

    Charge time: Up to 45 minutes 10-80% charge

    Charge Location: Next to restaurants, multiple charge locations for reliability

    Size/style: Seat height high enough for aging body with back, hip and knee issues. Hatchback or RAV4 style.

    Color: Don't really care, but probably white

    Technology: Technology needs to help me prevent aging type mistakes which should help me stay within my home longer, make back, end type parking easier, over-the-air updates to add new features or fix issues.

    Comfort features: Heated steering wheel, heated seats, cloth over leather seats.

    Extra features: Heat pump
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  4. brulaz

    brulaz Active Member

    Like Marshall, we're concerned about winter range and charging speeds. But I want 185 miles (300km) in winter and around 20 min for 10to80%. As well as all the heating options. Currently a Tesla 3 LR or Y LR is best for us.
  5. marshall

    marshall Active Member

    I would have to say a Model Y checks most of our boxes too. Plus, I like the idea of the cameras and how well the car has held up in the wreck videos.
  6. Range: at least 200 miles in winter (accounting for cold and snow tires)
    Charge time: variable - even current is fine, faster is better
    Size/Style: hatchback/small SUV
    Colour: bright, non-metallic
    Technology: standard safety tech like cross traffic and blind spot signals, 360 degree view camera, adaptive cruise control, front view or heads up display, radio and HVAC knob (not touch screen) controls, heat pump

    I have a Tesla Model Y on order, and I can't believe it doesn't have a 360 degree view.
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  8. gooki

    gooki Active Member

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  9. Does the new car support CarPlay and Android Auto. Don't laugh, they all don't... My son's Tesla doesn't, and he still has to use his phone to get Waze.
  10. Not laughing, but I care little for CarPlay, so I don't care if my car supports it or not ;) YMMV
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  11. FISHEV

    FISHEV Member

    EV's operate on 80% of rated range due to the no lower than 10% and no higher than 90% charging. So that 300 would need to be 360 range to have 300 available day to day. Winter takes another 20% so 500 miles EPA range to have 250 miles real world in winter.

    You want 800V systems (Hyundai, Kia and Porsche) which allows for faster charging and less damage (heat).

    That is ideal and best selling form factor. For me, I'd get that (Kona EV) but for towing need 6,000 lb rating and 200 mile tow range and seats for six for boating trips. Have Model 3, waiting on Ford F-150 EV out end of this year.

    Can always wrap.
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  13. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web Well-Known Member Subscriber

    • 24 kWh/100 miles
    • Integrated fast DC charging network
      • 120-180 mi between fastDC chargers
      • +170 kW peak rate
    • Advanced driver assistance:
      • Dynamic cruise control
      • Lane keeping
      • Lane changing
      • Integrated navigation
      • Recording dashcam, front, sides, and rear
    • Over-air updates
    • Seats five
    • Powered front seats
    • Dog mode HVAC
    • Glass roof
    • Mobile service vans
    • No legacy ICE design rules
    Bob Wilson
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2021
  14. Paul K

    Paul K Active Member

    300km (200m) range in dead of winter.
    Hatchback or CUV
    Fast charging of 75kw or more
    Heated seats and steering wheel for my Reynaud's syndrome and to reduce use of cabin heating.
    Fold down back seat created a flat loading floor would be wonderful.
    Adaptive cruise control.
    The least amount of additional technology. (I will do the driving thank you)
  15. That's a Hyundai Kona... maybe an ID3 if you're in the right market.
  16. Ideal EV for me:

    Convertible EV for those like me that almost all cars I owned in the past were Ford Mustangs or Mazda Miata because they are fun to drive , 50/50 weight ratio and being RWD.

    So for me even though I have Mustang Mach-E on preorder allotment for 2022 , it is a compromise ( no frameless windows, 2 doors to many ) but is has Mustang styling cues, still has RWD and 50/50 weight ratio. No deposit so it is still possible to cancel order.

    2nd option and more affordable because of EV rebate is the Tesla Model 3 because it have RWD, best performance in its class, you sit lower, frameless windows but still 2 doors to many and not a convertible. Better minimalist interior.

    Be nicer if winter range could be closer to what you get in summer. Not as concerned as what range is when better solution in better charging stations infrastructure .

  17. Sounds like what you really want is a cheap roadster... Good luck finding one...
  18. Yes, I know " Good luck finding one" as it does not exist from any auto manufacturer as they seem to concentrate on suv, crossover vehicles which is boring A to B transportation instead of vehicle designed for feel of driving, handling.

    The other factor which is big reason for me, is no engine noise or exhaust noise when driving EV as stereo system sounds much better as well as full acceleration from zero.

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  19. MONKEY85

    MONKEY85 New Member

    Ideal EV for me:

    Similar equipment to my current gas vehicle. ( 290hp 4cyl turbo 32city 41hwy)

    Range - 500 - 600 miles

    Full charge in less then 10 minutes

    traditional dash layout -( no overbearing tablet super glued to the dash)

    real leather seats

    high quality stereo
  20. ericy

    ericy Well-Known Member

    There was a quote from someone at VW - they were asked why they didn't bring the ID.3, and they said it would be in a market segment with maybe 100K vehicles per year. The ID.4 is in a market segment with 3-4 million vehicles. Their attitude was they didn't want to be accused of bringing a compliance car to market.
  21. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Perhaps we should monitor ID.3 and ID.4 sales in Europe?

    Bob Wilson
  22. This is the quote from VW US CEO

    “To me, it’s just simple, simple logic. If you look at the segment that the ID.3 competes in, let’s call it the classic hatchback segment. In America, unfortunately, that’s about 100,000 cars. If you look at what we’re going to do with the E-SUV, that’s 4 to 5 million cars. So look, we need to get the cars on the road. We need to show success. How do we come in with the ID.3 and say we’re just testing it out? They would say small euro car, more of a compliance car. As opposed to an E-SUV, they’re going to say, wow, that’s in the heart of the market, in the heart of the segment, that’s a real car! Let’s go! We want to throw a good first punch. We never want to throw a weak first punch because you might not get a chance to throw a second.”

    Shame. I have no interest in an SUV and would love a VW hatchback. Maybe someday.
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  23. The main thing I do not like the Mustang Mach-E is that it is suv type but the RWD, Mustang styling cues I do like.
    Not comfortable with $53000 before tax as no EV rebate. Most likely try to find different option.

    Seems only coupe style EV is the Mini Cooper SE, but it is not RWD.

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