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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Dante, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. Dante

    Dante Member

    I cracked 410 total range today...

    With the weather getting warmer in NJ I've seen the EV range climb up steadily to 57 currently on a full charge (every morning for me).
    A full tank (6.5 to 6.8 gallons for me to fill up from almost empty without topping off) scored 358 miles after this morning's fill-up.

    400+ miles on a full load is nice - and expected to climb up a bit more in the next couple of spring months.
  2. Daniel M W

    Daniel M W New Member

    Still getting below 50 miles (EV). 37 was in the winter and 44 now. Hopefully gets better
  3. RickSE

    RickSE Active Member

    Getting 300 on full tank of gas and 40 on EV. I’ve never seen gas range as high as most people report.
  4. Dante

    Dante Member

    Couple things that really jumped at me (besides the climate/temperatures) is the "led foot effect" and frequency of stop and goes. Is logical I think, but I tried one stretch of about 3miles with 4 stop lights... one day I hit all green but one of them, and it "cost" me 2 EV miles. The time I hit all of them it cost me 5 EV miles, so I've been trying to minimize severe slowdowns/stops and heavy accelerations as much as possible. I'use the segments on the main dash circle as a RPM-like guide, and try to stay under the "2000rpm" mark as much as I can (without causing traffic jams and major road rage).

    With regards to HV, I try to stay under 70mph on highway, and never use HV Charge.
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  5. JulianClarity

    JulianClarity Active Member

    Seen 365 Gas and 59.8 ev range. The number doesn't mean anything, the ev range skrinks to about 50 after less than 3 miles, and my actually gas mpg is a little less than 48, could get higher but I choose to drive fast on the highways.
  6. craze1cars

    craze1cars Well-Known Member

    iIt's really too bad the numbers are simply lies...
  7. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    Shhh. My unicorn sitting in the passenger seat will be heartbroken to hear that and always cries when somebody calls it the Guess-o-Meter.

    I can’t run out of gas and charge. I started with higher numbers on the display than the distance to my destination!
    Kind of like the old saw...
    What do you mean I’m broke? I’ve still got plenty of checks in my check book!
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  8. LAF

    LAF Active Member

    the numbers don't lie- they assume you will be driving like you have the last few times out. so if you change (i.e. go on the highway in EV- the actually EV milage will shrink).
  9. JulianClarity

    JulianClarity Active Member

    The numbers are a bit on the optimistic side. You can only get the ev range in heavy traffic or gas range when you drive at 5x speed on highways.
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  10. RogerB

    RogerB Active Member

    As long as your drive and driving habits are repeatable, the computer should automatically factor that in. I get estimates that are very similar to actual results if I drive the same route each day, which is what I would expect given that is what the algorithm uses as its input.

    My estimates have actually been conservative lately as the warmer weather has increased my actual range. It takes the computer a couple days to catch up. It climbed to 63 last week during a warm spell after sitting in the low to mid 50s during the winter months. My round trip to work is almost exactly 60 miles and the morning that I had the 63 mile estimate I had 3.0 miles left when I pulled into the driveway!
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  11. craze1cars

    craze1cars Well-Known Member

    The numbers simply lie. Particularly on the HV side. Yes EV floats around based on history. But HV is 100% exaggeration. Much like the mpg meter. If you Compare it to actual usage, it is always overly optimistic...it uses more gas than the dash says it did. And HV range drops miles faster than the odometer builds them. Proven over long road trips. Every single time.
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  12. Dante

    Dante Member

    I find my HV mileage to be spot on - again I drive the same roads, the same time, similar traffic, similar driving style etc etc. The EV has been fluctuating - temp ofcourse... in winter I could barely cranc 30 real miles out of my full charge. But even now that things have thawed and trees budded, i shard to get the stated EV mileage to convert in actual distance. Price you pay for a 4.5ton car and the "joy" of stop and go traffic most mornings.
  13. RogerB

    RogerB Active Member

    I thought it was pretty clear that I was referring to EV estimates, but I should have qualified my statement, this being the internet and all. I have found that the EV mileage does not lie. My actual EV mileage is always close to what I would expect based on the estimate and any differences from my typical drive (e.g., I know I should expect fewer EV miles than estimated if I'm using the HVAC more or doing more interstate driving than usual).

    DISCLAIMER: These statements are based solely on my EV mileage. They can be used without my expressed written consent as long as they are not applied to HV mileage. I did a couple of long trips and didn't bother with the guestimator. I based my decision to refuel based on the fuel gauge and not the estimate. Now, if that was reporting non-conservatively, then I'd have an actual issue.
  14. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    FWIW, my EV actual milage (in similar conditions) is consistently ~5% less than the EV estimate. That small variance is well within the tolerance I can live with.
  15. Thevenin

    Thevenin Member

    My HV range matches my fuel consumption remarkably well, all things considered. On a full tank, it predicts right around 300 miles, correlating to 43 mpg. On my last three tanks, I have gotten 42.8, 42.6, and 42.2 mpg. I believe there was an HV range software update some time before I purchased my car.
    The Trip MPG meter, however, is very inaccurate, and can wildly overstate or understate mileage. I believe this is due to the fuel level sensor; when hooked up to an OBD2 reader, the fuel level readout is constantly fluctuating.
  16. Fast Eddie B

    Fast Eddie B Well-Known Member

    For many local drives, my actual EV range exceeds the estimated range.

    I can watch it change - I set the trip meter back to zero, then mentally keep adding the EV range remaining to miles traveled. For instance, I may start my drive with 50 EV miles showing. Into the drive, I may at some point see 30 miles driven with 22 EV miles remaining, showing I’m on track for 52 actual EV mile range. It’s actually fun to see how much “geriatric mode” can help those numbers in real time!

    I prefaced this with “local drives”, since if I jump on the Interstate, the actual EV range can be less than estimated. So it goes.
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  17. Richard_arch74

    Richard_arch74 Active Member

    As @Fast Eddie B mentioned:
    "geriatric mode” can help those numbers in real time!"

    I have kept our Claire on surface streets for the last couple of days (50°F-60°F) with a maximum speed of 45mph with slowish starts and coasting to stops (with no one behind me to avoid road rage), relatively flat terrain, and staying in EV mode all of the time.

    Since I have my A and B trip odometer set to reset at each fillup and last charge session I can safely say that I broke my record of 54 miles of EV range (measured). My trip odometer said I have driven 52 miles since my last charge with 12.2 miles (5 bars) of EV range remaining.
    So. . . driving in geriatric mode does get you real time big EV range. Imagine if the temps were in the 70'sF.

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  18. AaD

    AaD Member

    The car only knows how you've driven, not how you are going to drive. When I had it all to myself for a week last September (so essentially perfect conditions), and was figuring out how to drive it efficiently the EV range consistently crept up through the 60's as I continued to beat it. Finally plateaued at 73 after a round trip to the airport (so real every day driving in the Boston area) when I drove an actual 68 miles and had 5 or so to spare on the display. As for the HV range, it usually reads somewhere between 300 and 1000 since we haven't bothered with the update yet and just watch the regular gauge like every other car I've ever owned.
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