What winter tires and rims do you use in the colder months?

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by robxb, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. ehatch

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    Winter tires: Pirelli Ice Zero FR [ 225/45R/17]placing these onto the OEM wheels. The stock tires are on after market five arm wheels that are about 4lbs/1.8Kg lighter than OEM: 17x 7.5,114.3, 45mm, 72.60,using hub ring. Wheel specs., be careful because my original wheel choice wouldn't have fit due to the hub/center bore.The first tire place I got a quote from would've shipped me wheels that wouldn't fit:mad:

    After market TPMS used with after market wheels: ITM universal sensor for Korean vehicles. These TPMS have not given me any issues since the tire place had the updated software for the Kona to pair them. The TPMS have saved me when a nail was in one of my OWM tires.If it weren't for the sensor,the slow leak would've disabled me on the highway. I was over 80 miles/130km from home where I would rather not wait for a tow to the "nearest" dealership that's nowhere near where I live. To me, the TPMS is worth the $200 for safety reasons.
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    Like electriceddy said, I would imagine a loss of range (though since the wheels wouldn't spin as much, perhaps more? Hard to say), but aside from that, can't see why there would be any concern as long as you get the right size for everything.
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    Great info, thank you. I’m getting my car on Friday!! Thankfully it isn’t snowing yet (it’s Maine, but not the North Pole) so I’ve got 1 1/2 months. I’ve decided I’m getting winters (either Michelin xice xi3 or Pirellis). I’ve not gotten rims before, but I’m leaning toward doing that this time— along with the TPMS for the same safety reasons as ehatch.

    I’m still unclear about 225/45 v 215/55 even after reading the robust explanations above, but my tire guy can probably walk me through it.

    Bugblndr—hope you got your car today!!

    One last thought—it’s so nice to have a community to talk EV with. Most folks I’ve talked to here at home have a lot of negativity in response to the topic!

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    Congrats, it should make for a great weekend. The car carrier never arrived at my dealer today as was scheduled, at least not by 5:00 when my wife last looked. Hopefully tomorrow so I can get mine on Friday like you.

    I also love this forum and the community behind it.
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    I will forgot to add the third party wheels have been on my vehicle for 3 months now. No range loss, based on the EPA ratings for the Kona.I can even exceed the range if I drive less spirited. I had the Michelin X-Ice Xi3 on my Audi,and really didn't like how they performed. The Pirelli Ice Zero FR were on my Bolt EV,and didn't cause me to lose any EPA rated range either so I don't expect any issues with the Kona. That torque slip was also almost gone so my acceleration was much quicker than the stock Nexxen tires.

    @Bugblndr , the online community for all EVs is educational since it doesn't have a vested interest. When you get your Kona, join the growing picture gallery ;) You may want to consider tinting it to save on hvac use. If you're in N.Am., bring your EV to https://driveelectricweek.org/
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    I tint all my cars and this will be no exception. Might take me a week or two though as I won't want to give it up for a day. :) I'm in Canada and will look into the rest!
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    Apologies for necro-ing an older post, but I just ordered winters for my Kona EV.
    Tirerack was perfectly happy to sell me snow tires, but claimed it had no idea what wheels to use for the Kona EV. I selected the Kona AWD in order to get access to tire/wheel packages.
    Blizzak WS90s weren't available in a compatible 16" size, so I ended up getting:
    215/55R17 WS90s mounted on 17x6.5 ET50 steel wheels. (I did check that those Blizzaks were compatible with 6.5" wheels.) Not going to put them on right away, but can report back when I do.
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  8. Yes please do- what was the cost assuming US dollars?
  9. SeanH

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    Total including TPMS sensors was around $1100 USD ($600 for tires, $350 for wheels, $150 for TPMS)
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  10. Thanks, where the TPMS sensors a Hyundai product or alternate? (manufacture if known)
  11. SeanH

    SeanH Member

    I doubt Hyundai makes any TPMS sensors. I just got whatever Tirerack puts in there. Worked on my last car. Looks like it is an industry standard.
    The real question will be how much effort it is to get the car to recognize them. On my last car, I had to use a CAN tool to reprogram the car with the new IDs. On some cars, they automatically detect.
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    Hi. New user here.

    Has anyone successfully mounted 16 inch steel wheels on a Kona Electric? My dealer claims that it works and wants to sell me steel rims for an outrageous price, but my tire shop says that no aftermarket wheels exist in 16 inch size, because aftermarket wheel manufacturers claim 16 inch wheels won't fit on the Kona EV due to larger brakes (as opposed to gas Kona). So I would have to go with the expensive OEM wheels.

    So, I'm asking to see if anyone has actually mounted 16 inch wheels (as opposed to buying some and just hoping it's gonna work when winter comes).
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  13. SeanH

    SeanH Member

    I split the difference and ordered 17" cheap ($85) steel wheels and got my snow tires on those.
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  14. Hopefully automatic detection works here.
  15. ehatch

    ehatch Active Member

    Any range impact, or are you getting EPA ?
  16. He mentioned not putting them on right away, but I suspect there will be a small range decrease for the xtra traction.
  17. It's going to be hard to tell as installing winter tires usually happens as the temperature is dropping and battery efficiency is changing. So it's always a guess: chicken or egg?
  18. Pcph

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    I finally got my dealer to try on 16 inch rims on my Kona EV.

    Short answer : they don't fit.

    Long answer : the 16 inch rim fits, as in it can be put in place fully. But once it's on there and you try rotating the wheel, you can feel it gently scraping against the brakes. You really don't want that to happen on the road. It's really a question of a fraction of an inch. So we have to stick with 17 inch rims.
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  19. I am amazed that the same dealer who recommended the rims finds out (by learning process) that they in fact don't work. Hopefully no $ out of pocket.
  20. True enough, besides if the traction is required - the price to pay for the fractional range depletion is well worthwhile.
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