Wapo needs to retract apparent paid lies about Tesla solar + powerwall

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by 101101, Nov 8, 2019.

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    It did a whole story where it tried to claim that at max solar plus battery would only provide 2 days off grid- which simply isn't the case save for days of constant down pour where fires would be out anyway. There is a recent article out there showing the Tesla's Power Wall plus Tesla Solar Roof provided 10 days of off grid. And it could surely do longer in a sunny month in CA.

    Wapo then tried to slander the intent of Musk's offer as gouging trying to say it was an attempt to exploit victims with premium products that weren't a good value where in fact they save a ton of money in CA even under normal circumstances and provide disaster hardening and where as Musk pointed out they waiving 1K$ off the price to meet emergency need. These products free customers from the disastrous horrid rent seeking of non contributing parasites, the kind where profit prevented these awful 'fossil fuel investor' owned utilities from under grounding their lines but still did 4 billion a year in unnecessary protected by law profit when they have local monopolies.
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    Cheaper to install simple solar panels.
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    Whatever you do, skip to 1:21:20 (h:mm:ss) to see Jack Rickard's "PowerVault" system:

    Jack reminds me of a past co-worker, Steve D. a brilliant engineer of a small set I had worked with over my career. But Steve D. almost never let anyone get a word in edgewise. He used your taking a breath as a break in the conversation for his next stream of thought when you were midway in yours. The only way to watch Jack is to speed up playback to 2x and even then it takes 50 minutes.

    Bob Wilson
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