Volvo On Call Pairing

Discussion in 'XC40 Recharge' started by John Lilly, Jun 2, 2021.

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  1. John Lilly

    John Lilly Member

    Trying to pair my phone with my car for Volvo On Call, I get this. Any ideas? Both keys are in the car, but can’t get past this screen.


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  3. jhou

    jhou New Member

    I get stuck there too... My key is in the car with me, so... maybe they're talking about some other kind of "key"? I see people in this thread talking about a " Manual Activation code ", but I honestly have no idea if that thread even exactly relates to this issue....
  4. You have to have all three keys to pair. Apparently you only have 2 of the 3 based on the photo.
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  5. jhou

    jhou New Member

    Hmmm... it says "2/3" even when we have zero or one keys in the car. I thought that this was "step 2 out of 3". but hey, i'm willing to try whatever
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  7. jhou

    jhou New Member

    Reporting back, having all the keys totally worked. I still suspect that the "2/3" means "step 2 out of 3", as just before that step it said "1/3", and that the need for 3 keys is something that they just don't tell you {facepalm}, but that's just me speculating. Thanks @Stephen Cerruti !
  8. Hdtvkeith

    Hdtvkeith New Member

    Read the P8 Keys thread.
  9. Will P.

    Will P. New Member


    I know this is an old thread, but the "2/3" does appear to mean you need all three key fobs in the vehicle (see photo attached) while registering your phone as a Volvo on-call device, at least within the "Admin" driver/user profile.

    Oddly, it didn't seem to want all three keys when I registered a different phone as an On-Call device in a different driver's user profile (not the Admin).


  10. Chattra Tosayanond

    Chattra Tosayanond New Member

    Do you already solve this problem? It is the same as mine. If the problem is sloved, please give me the solution.
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  12. jlilly

    jlilly New Member

    I did. Turns out the dealer had held one key. Not sure why, but when I had all 3, it worked.
  13. Chattra Tosayanond

    Chattra Tosayanond New Member

    The dealer gave me only two keys. I'm asking them about the third key.
  14. Chattra Tosayanond

    Chattra Tosayanond New Member

    updated: Problem solved. It is the "Key" issue. So, the solution is to reset the software and clearing the Key data.
  15. Will P.

    Will P. New Member


    I have also confirmed with the dealer that all keys the car knows about must be present to pair "On Call" mobile devices.

    One correction to my earlier post: I was wrong about the "2/3" meaning number of keys found. The dealer and I confirmed that it *does* mean "Step 2 of 3". It is a coincidence that most of us happen to have three keys (two black regular keys and one orange valet key).

    In my case, I had lost the orange "valet" key that came with the car, so I did not have all three keys nearby or in the vehicle and the pairing would not get past Step 2.

    Therefore, I had the dealer reset the programming to remove the orange key from memory, leaving me with just two keys. Then the pairing worked to completion. It cost about $250, less than buying a new orange key *and* reprogramming the car would have cost.

    If I ever find the orange key in my house, I can go back and have them add it back to the car memory. They may charge me money to do the programming again, though. :^(

    - Bill

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