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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by freedomv, Oct 9, 2017.

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  1. freedomv

    freedomv New Member

    I have 2012-2013 Volt modules for sale for rebatterying lead EVs, custom EVs, storage.
    They only come stock as multiples of 48vdc and should not be taken apart, must have end plates and at least circulating coolant.
    This can damage the modules so I only sell complete modules with everything including the BMS which I hear has been hacked.
    Though I just use voltage limiting, not going over 49.2vdc/48vdc module.
    They are 25lbs/kwh and come in 4-5-7 kwh modules. I have access to multiple packs.
    They are selling for $150/kwh, $50/kwh less than taken apart modules on ebay.
    I'm near Tampa and best pick them up but will ship if needed. Fastenal has lower cost shipping if you pick them up at their stores if one is near you.
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  3. jim

    jim Active Member

    Our EV conversion members in the Phoenix area use these for all their EV projects as full modules. These hold up better than any other Lithium batteries. These set for 48 v seems to be modified for home Solar storage. That is great for homes in Florida.
  4. freedomv

    freedomv New Member

    Hi Jim and All,
    I'd like to talk to them as I want to start doing them for home storage but need help with what equipment is best to use with them, etc here in Florida.
    I'm at freedomev at yahoo.... or 813 671 three o nine one if you could mention it to them.
    They already know of me likely as been on the evdl for decades.

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