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Discussion in 'Volt' started by freedomv, Oct 9, 2017.

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  1. freedomv

    freedomv New Member

    Anyone know the fully charged and 5-10% charge voltage of 2012-2013 Volt packs? I'm designing my charger for Volt modules and need them.
    I'm putting them in my EV trike pickup and later my 63 Vette looking EV.
    Thanks, Jerry
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  3. CCIE

    CCIE New Member

    Nominal Pack Voltage is 360V. Since the Volt charge window is narrow the "empty" and "full" voltages should be close to nominal. But, if you're dealing with individual modules (triplets), and plan to more fully charge/discharge them, then nominal pack voltage won't mean much.
  4. freedomv

    freedomv New Member

    Yes that is true, 360vdc nom doesn't help much. What I need is the exact fully charged and nearly discharged state. It should be in the Volt's data screen though likely buried deep.
    Right now I'm using 4.15/cell as top voltage and about 3.6vdc as the lower limit but would like to see exactly what GM uses as they are getting great life from the cells, still putting out the same 1k amps, 16c, after lab testing every yr and cell voltages are still within 1/100 of a volt after sitting 10 months and no BMS.
    Very impressive to me. Other than weight at 25lbs/kwh and hard to fit modules, it is far better than Tesla or Leaf modules.
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  5. Sorry, can't help with the voltages, but just wanted to encourage you to post pics of your projects when you can. I'll probably have to set up a Conversion/Homebuilt category or something here.

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